Moom Mac 破解版 实用的窗口大小增强控制工具

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Moom是一款Mac上控制窗口大小和位置的工具,可以让Mac具有类似Windows 7的Aero Snap功能,Moom可以让我们通过拖拽自动放大和缩小窗口,并且可以任意控制窗口的大小和位置,如最大化、移动到左边、右边等等操作,非常实用的一款软件。

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Moom 3.2.17 Mac 破解版 介绍

相信很多朋友都纠结过改变窗口的问题。屏幕就这么大小,有时经常会为来回切换窗口头疼。之前我用的是Windows Tiny,也不错,鼠标拖动窗口就能选择窗口大小的方式。不过Moom的优势就在于它整合在窗口按钮中,只要把鼠标移动到左上角的绿色按钮(说实话我真觉得这按钮不实用)就能选择窗口大小了,很方便。

设置中在Mouse选项中勾选“Enable Move & Zoom grid with   ” 就能自定义大小了。

Moom allows you to move and zoom windows -- using either the mouse or the keyboard -- to predefined locations and sizes, or to full screen mode.

When used via the mouse, all you need to do is hover over a green resize button, and Moom's interface appears. When used via the keyboard, press your defined shortcut, and the Moom keyboard bezel appears; you can then move windows using the arrow keys and modifier keys.

Moom can be run as a traditional application, a menu bar application, or a completely faceless background application.

What's new in Moom

Version 3.2.16:

  • Moom now functions properly when using an iPad in macOS Catalina via Sidecar

Version 3.2.15:

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Works properly with macOS Catalina—see the Mouse preferences for a setting to control how Moom and Apple's green button menu work.
  • Custom menu labels are now visible if you use Dark Mode and the "reduce contrast" system setting.
  • Worked around an issue that could cause incorrect move/zoom actions after using Text to Speech or VoiceOver. (Hat tip to Daniel A.)
  • The pop-up palette no longer shows on full screen windows.
  • Worked around an issue with Opera's non-standard window widgets.
  • Chromeless windows in Kitty (a terminal emulator) can be resized via Moom.

Version 3.2.13:

New Features
  • Added a basic set of Touch Bar controls to the keyboard controls panel.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Adobe's apps should now work with Moom, except for the green button pop-up.
  • Worked around an incompatibility with DockShelf. (Hat tip to Rik W. for reporting the issue.)
  • Worked around an incompatibility with Subliminal. (Hat tip to Panin S. for reporting the issue.)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reusing keyboard shortcuts after they'd been assigned and then removed, if the associated action had been moved. (Hat tip to Mike H. for reporting this one.)
Moom Mac 破解版 实用的窗口大小增强控制工具-麦氪搜(

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