Reveal 24 12917 Mac 破解版 iOS开发应用调试软件

Reveal是Mac os平台上的一款开发者调试IOS应用的Mac开发软件,reveal Mac版它能够在运行时调试和修改iOS应用程序。Reveal能连接到应用程序,并允许开发者编辑各种用户界面参数,这反过来会立即反应在程序的UI上。

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Reveal 24 12917 Mac 破解版 介绍

Reveal是一款运行在Mac OS上的应用,现在有免费的Beta版本可供下载。要调试iOS应用,开发者要将应用程序与Reveal安装的框架层关联。Reveal会扫描其网络中关联的应用程序,并让开发者选择连接其中之一,当连接到一个应用程序后,Reveal将显示其UI,其中包括大量的参数和设置。开发人员现在可以检查UI或者更改设置,直到用户界面的外观和行为达到预期目标。目前它尚不支持布局约束,但根据Reveal的支持文档来看,这一功能将在未来的版本中发布。Reveal可以和iOS模拟器一起使用,也可以用在运行在真机上的应用程序上。另外,Reveal的安装只需几分钟。


Reveal is a powerful, smart iOS developer tool that allows you to interact with your apps in fine, visually-stunning detail.

  • Runtime inspection for iOS apps... Reveal brings the power of tools like Firebug and Web Inspector to iOS developers. See your application's view hierarchy at runtime with advanced 2D and 3D visualisations. Debug view layout and rendering problems in seconds.
  • Instrument your apps... Simply link your iOS application with the Reveal library, start it up, and you'll be able to see and interact with your application like never before.
  • See changes, live!... You can edit and modify views in your running application to see the effect immediately. No more recompiling to test simple visual changes.
  • Focus... View hierarchies can get complex. Simply double click a view to isolate it, and all it's subviews. Use the path bar to navigate up the hierarchy, and use the history buttons to go back to where you've been.

Licenses for Reveal are available at educational, personal, and commercial levels; pricing structure can be found here.


  • Reveal now prefers using Metal over OpenGL for Canvas rendering when running on macOS High Sierra. This significantly improves performance on computers without discrete GPUs.
  • _UINavigationControllerPaletteClippingView is now included in the list of system views and windows, hidden in Canvas by default.
    • As always, you can toggle them using Canvas → Display System Windows and Viewsmenu or the corresponding button on the Canvas.
  • Reveal is now smarter about marking views as “too large” in the Canvas. Size limit has also been raised for apps running in the Simulator.
    • As a result of this change, if your app’s view hierarchy contains large views, you should see Reveal refusing to load their bitmaps less often.
  • Horizontal and vertical stack views now have different icons in the Outline view, making it easier to tell them apart.
  • Inspectors now validate manually entered values for certain attributes (specifically NSLayoutConstraint.priority) and prevent setting values outside of normal range for those attributes.
  • Minimum width of Reveal’s windows has been decreased from 1200 to 1080 points to allow use on narrow displays.
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed a crash occurring on MacBook Pro computers with a Touch Bar when a document is closed while a selection is active.
  • Fixed CALayer.maskedCorners attribute not being editable.

Reveal 24 12917 Mac 破解版 iOS开发应用调试软件

Reveal 24 12917 Mac 破解版 iOS开发应用调试软件

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