Tembo 是一款基于 Spotlight 引擎的搜索工具. Tembo 能搜索文件、文件夹、邮件、书签、图片等等,搜索速度比Spotlight 快,能显示文件类型的分组结果,而且最底下的路径位置每个位置都可以点进去,查找文件方便,可以设置筛选结果,完全可以替代 Spotlight

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Tembo 2.4.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Tembo Mac (Spotlight引擎搜索文件)是一款运行在Mac OS 平台上的搜索文件工具,Tembo Mac破解 能搜索文件.文件夹.邮件.书签.图片等等,搜索速度比Spotlight 快,能显示文件类型的分组结果,而且Tembo for Mac 破解版 能够搜索下载结果及下载路劲,查找文件方便,可以设置筛选结果,完全可以替代 Spotlight !

Tembo is an easy-to-use file search tool based upon the powerful Spotlight engine. Tembo finds documents, folders, mail messages, bookmarks, images, videos, and more. It shows results grouped by file type. Initially the top 10 matches for each group are shown. Often enough you will find the sought for file right here.

Drill-down into a group reveals up to 10,000 results alongside context-sensitive filters. These help narrow down the results list. The "Messages" group, for example, has filters on subject, sender and recipient. The "Images" group has filters for resolution and file type.

Thus Tembo is much more than a file search tool. It works as an extension to Mail or iChat to locate messages; as an extension to Safari to search browsing history and bookmarks.

Tembo Mac 破解版 Spotlight引擎搜索文件

Tembo Mac 破解版 Spotlight引擎搜索文件

Tembo Mac 破解版 Spotlight引擎搜索文件

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