JixiPix Happy Holidaze是一款出色的喜庆节日效果添加工具,这款软件能够保留大家与与亲人,朋友,家人甚至相识者共度的美好时光。这款软件拥有众多不同的效果预设,这些预设只需要一键添加即可为大家的图片带来不一样的出色的效果。

[JixiPix Happy Holidaze 在官网售价 19.99 美元]

JixiPix Happy Holidaze 1.0.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

最好的部分是,您可以通过选择多个预设中的一个来开始您的节日问候,开始您的创造力,或者只是想了解Happy Holidaze可能带来的有趣设计,而且预设中使用的每个元素都可以调整为自定义样式。


JixiPix Happy Holidaze 1.0.4 Ah, the holidays. That great time of year for reaching out to loved ones, friends, family, or even acquaintances. And one of the best ways to reach out is with a holiday greeting. Happy Holidaze is here to help your creative juices flow and make getting in touch with those we care about that much easier and fun.


  • Multiple background papers, both festive and elegant
  • Ability to tone the image to get that antiqued look, if desired
  • Ability to add snow to the scene
  • A fantastic library of custom painted artwork
  • Premade Templates with customizable elements
  • Option to turn on or off shadows
  • Tools to move, flip, resize and send objects to the front or back
  • 7 Texture Settings
  • A photo border slider
  • The ability to SAVE PRESET for future photos
  • HiRes Output for Print Quality Creations
  • Instagram and Facebook Upload from Mobile devices
  • Email directly from Mobile devices

JixiPix Happy Holidaze Mac 破解版 喜庆节日效果添加工具

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