Squeezer Mac 破解版 图片压缩优化工具

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Squeezer for Mac是一款适用于图片压缩优化工具,也是Mac系统上的多功能一体机,图片压缩器,编译器。Squeezer Mac版可以编译脚本,优化图像,并减少不必要的文件批量,以加快网站加载时间,而且使用简单,只需拖放文件即可。

[Squeezer 在官网售价 14.99 美元]

Squeezer 2.3 Mac 破解版 介绍


  • 易于使用,直观的用户界面
  • 包含电池:您不需要安装任何东西; 它只是工作
  • 添加或拖放文件/文件夹
  • 只需单击一下即可完成
  • 观察您的文件是否有变化,并在后台自动处理
  • 两种视图选项:迷你或扩展
  • 大量的自定义偏好,使Squeezer适合您的特殊需求
  • 缩小来源:HTML,CSS,javascript
  • 优化/压缩图像:PNG,JPG,SVG
  • 编译(和缩小):LESS,Stylus,SCSS,Sass,CoffeeScript,Literate CoffeeScript,TypeScript,Babel / ES6
  • .gzip最终输出的选项
  • 获取每个转换文档的有用信息
  • 打开或查看(在Finder中)所有已转换的文档
  • 智能背景通知,以免干扰您的工作流程

Squeezer is the Web developer's pal. It can compile your scripts, optimize your images, and shave unnecessary file bulk to speed site load times. Just drag-and-drop your files, and Squeezer will take care of the rest!

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive UI
  • Batteries-included: You don't need to install anything; it just works
  • Add or drag-and-drop your files/folders
  • Works with a single click
  • Watch your files for changes and have them processed automatically, in the background
  • Two view options: mini or extended
  • Tons of custom preferences, to make Squeezer suit your particular needs
  • Minify sources: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Optimize/Compress images: PNG, JPG, SVG
  • Compile (and minify): LESS, Stylus, SCSS, Sass, CoffeeScript, Literate CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Babel/ES6
  • Option to .gzip final output
  • Get useful info on each converted document
  • Open or view (in Finder) all of your converted documents
  • Smart background notifications so as not to disturb your workflow
  • Files supported:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • LESS
    • Stylus
    • Sass
    • SCSS
    • JavaScript
    • CoffeeScript
    • Literate CoffeeScript
    • TypeScript
    • Babel/ES6
    • PNG
    • JPG
    • SVG
Squeezer Mac 破解版 图片压缩优化工具

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