Nebulosity是一款为Mac用户设计的摄像头图像截取捕获工具,Nebulosity 4最新版能够为带来更加全面的功能,能够支持数量众多的相机系列。这款软件能够快速PNG、JPEG、FITS等格式的图像。

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Nebulosity 4.4.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Nebulosity旨在成为Windows(7/8/10 32/64位)和OS X(10.7-13)的强大但易于使用的捕获和处理应用程序。支持捕获大量相机,几乎可以处理任何图像(支持许多FITS格式,PNG,TIFF,JPEG,DSLR RAW文件等)。nebulosity for mac的目标是适合那些想要创建他或她的第一张图像的新手成像器以及想要在现场使用的方便,灵活的捕获应用程序的高级成像器。在其中,您将获得一系列专用的强大工具,以充分利用您的图像和成像会话。

Nebulosity 4.4.3 is designed to be a powerful, but simple to use capture and processing application. A huge array of cameras are supported for capture and images from just about anything can be processed (support for many FITS formats, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, DSLR RAW files, etc). Its goal is to suit people ranging from the novice imager who wants to create his or her first images to the advanced imager who wants a convenient, flexible capture application for use in the field. In it, you get a host of purpose-built, powerful tools to make the most out of your images and imaging sessions.

Nebulosity 4 Mac 破解版 强大易用的图片捕获和处理工具

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