Sorenson Squeeze for Mac 破解版 - 视频压缩工具

Sorenson Squeeze Mac 是一款MacOS平台上的视频压缩工具,Sorenson Squeeze for Mac 能够改进工作流程和节省大量的时间,SorensonMedia mac 增强了图象压缩,支持高清晰的图象和强大的 Sorenson AVC Pro codec (alsoknown as H.264)解码.

[Sorenson Squeeze Pro在官网售价749美元,约合人民币4800元]

Sorenson Squeeze for Mac 介绍

Squeeze is Sorenson Media’s workhorse video-encoding tool that will render the highest-quality video and audio files for professionals and hobbyists alike. Manipulate resolution, file output, and other specifications to create the finished video product you need. Use Squeeze to encode videos that you’ve created in Avid, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro to streamline professional video workflows. Or use Squeeze to update your home movies so you can share them at a family reunion. Whatever the reason, Squeeze is your best video encoding option. Squeeze supports one of the most extensive collections of input and output formats commonly used today and is perfect for rendering media files for the web, mobile devices, disc players, and Apple’s iOS devices to ensure that your video can be shown virtually anywhere. Squeeze features a large amount of customized encoding presets to help you with consistent settings, as well as to be easy to use. Check out the different versions of Squeeze to find which best meets your needs.

Squeeze Desktop is available in three tiers: Lite ($199), Standard ($549), and Pro ($749). Upgrade pricing information can be found in Related Links.

Sorenson Squeeze for Mac 破解版 - 视频压缩工具

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