Room Arranger for Mac 9.0 序号版 - 优秀的室内设计工具

Room Arranger 是一款Mac上优秀的房屋户型图设计工具,简单易用,内置了大量模板和素材,支持中文界面,快速的设计出3D户型图等,很不错!

[Room Arranger 在官网上售价19.95美元,约合人民币120元]

Room Arranger for Mac 9.0 介绍

Room Arranger – program is specifically designed for the creation, development, analysis, design of interiors and facilities. It will be really useful and will help you if you decide to move walls or make alterations to a simple permutation and contemplate what and where to move. Room Arranger allows you to visually visually move, rotate, resize and color, as well as to create decorative items, which are not yet in your presence, but you want to have them. After all the manipulations you can see the result in the 3D version.

Features Room Arranger:

  • The small size distribution and easy to learn and use
  • Library of objects and subjects
  • Moving the project 3D mode
  • The ability to save projects in VRML format that allows you to publish interactive 3D scenes on the Internet.
  • Printing created the project in the right scale in compliance with standard aspect ratio
  • A tool to measure the available space between objects
  • Export the finished project as a graphic file: PNG or BMP
  • Multilingual interface with support for Russian language

What’s New

Version 9:

  • Annotations
  • Copy object properties (like Format Painter in Office)
  • Snap objects to near walls while moving them with mouse
  • Ceiling color
  • Baseboards and crown holdings
  • Doorframe has editable thickness and color
  • Picture can have frame with editable thickness and color
  • Window frames not scaled in 3D
 Room Arranger for Mac 9.0 序号版 - 优秀的室内设计工具

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