Manuscripts 是一款Mac上强大的文本写作工具,可编辑,分享文档,为文档列出提纲,支持导入 MS Word, RTF, OpenOffice, (Multi)Markdown, LaTeX 等文档格式,很不错!

[Manuscripts 在官网上售价19.95美元,约合人民币180元]

Manuscripts for Mac 1.1.4 介绍

Use the app for free for documents up to 1,500 words, as long as you like.

Manuscripts helps you get started on the right track. The application understands the format you need when presenting your daily target.

They can even warn of the missing sections, violated the limits of words, and many more factors that affect your presentation.

Manuscripts for Mac 1.1.4 破解版下载 – 强大的文本写作工具

Manuscripts for Mac 1.1.4 下载

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