Wolfram Mathematica for Mac 11.0.0 注册版 - 全球现代技术计算的终极系统


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Wolfram Mathematica for Mac 11.0.0 介绍

Mathematica是世界上最强大的通用计算系统。自1988首次发布以来,它对如何在科技和其它领运用计算机产生了深刻的影响。基于20年世界级运算法则和软件的开发, Mathematica在扩展涉及领域和适用性上做出了重大突破并重新定义了我们对计算方法的理解。Mathematica独特的符号结构使Mathematica可以给我们带来一个全新的语言与界面的统一。这种概念可以使运算法则的自动计算、人机对话的操作以及动态表示都到达一个新的水平,同时可创造一个与数据世界相连接的新方式。

自Mathematica首次发布以来,它的用户群一直在稳步的增长,目前用户总数以百万计。Mathematica已成为许多机构的标准工具, 使用范围包括财富50强的所有公司,美国政府15个主要机构,和全球最大的50所大学。

Wolfram Research, one of the world's most respected computer, web, and cloud software companies—as well as a powerhouse of scientific and technical innovation, has released the 10.3 version of Mathematica. This upgrade rapidly continues to build out areas first introduced in Version 10, while further refining already best-in-class capabilities. Version 10.3 offers increased text processing functionality and new anatomical, linguistic, and geographic data.

Now you can get connected to GoogleCalendar, GoogleContacts, and Yelp data, as well as to ArXiv and CrossRef for academic research. Version 10.3 is an essential for every Mathematica user.

Additional details about this release:

  • Access to identities and properties of the extensive collection of mathematical functions in the Wolfram Language, via MathematicalFunctionData
  • New geo-computation functionality such as TravelDirections, TravelDistance, and more for computing travel times, methods, and related data
  • New AnatomyData and AnatomicalStructure interpreter types for computation and deployment with connectivity to the Wolfram Cloud
  • Ability to group, copy, and identify specific instances of entities for more automated and efficient computation
  • Support for random matrix distributions and properties of random matrices
  • Comparative operator forms such as GreaterThan, LessThan, and EqualTo for testing expressions
  • Enhanced natural language understanding with added linguistic data for string manipulation of words and alphabets
  • New date and time functionality for representation and handling of time zones
  • Symbolic support for solving partial differential equations and eigenproblems
  • More convenient network programming options for host lookup, IP address representation, and socket connection
  • Improved functionality for processing and analysis of text elements and structure, including definitions, parts of speech, translations, and more
  • New service connection options to GoogleCalendar, GoogleContacts, and Yelp data, as well as to ArXiv and CrossRef for academic research
  • Numerous improvements to core Wolfram Language and Wolfram System interface functionality on the desktop and in the cloud


Version 11.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later.

Please Note: Mathematica 11.x is a paid upgrade from previous versions

Featured Update Areas
  • Machine learning
  • 3D printing and gemoetry
  • Audio, images, and signals
  • Mathematics
  • Visualization and graphics
  • Graphs and statistics
  • Geography
  • Text and language processing
  • Units and dates
  • Language and system
  • Knowledgebase
  • Cloud

View the complete summary of new features.

Wolfram Mathematica for Mac 11.0.0 注册版 - 全球现代技术计算的终极系统

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