Strata Design 3D CX for Mac 8.0 序号版 - 超强专业3D建模动画软件

应网友要求更新。Strata Design 3D CX for Mac是专业级3D建模和动画软件,适用于Mac和PC ,提供终端到终端的整个3D设计流程服务。一个简单的学习曲线,与Adobe Photoshop和任何软件的屡获殊荣的渲染质量相媲美紧密集成,快速地将自己的生活创意。

[Strata Design 3D CX 在官网售价595美元,约合人民币3600元]

Strata Design 3D CX for Mac 8.0 介绍

Strata Design 3D CX 8 is our professional-level 3D modeling and animation software for Mac that delivers end-to-end power for the entire 3D design workflow. Quickly bring your creative ideas to life with a simplified learning curve, tight integration with Adobe Photoshop, and award-winning rendering quality rivaling any software at any price.

  • All the Power for One Simple Price - Unlike some 3D applications, Strata Design 3D CX gives you all of its 3D tools for one great price. We don't force you to decide how you're going to use the product in the future, or make a guess ahead of time about which tools you might need for future projects. The only pricing decision you need to make is whether to buy Design 3D CX by itself, or as part of the Strata 3D Design Toolkit.
  • Model Anything in 3D or Import Existing 3D Assets - For many, the thought of 3D modeling is a daunting task. Design 3D offers an extremely friendly modeling toolset and environment for manipulating your polygons, splines, and primitives into any 3D object or scene you can imagine. If you're working with existing 3D assets, Strata Design 3D CX utilizes a host of filters and options to accurately import third-party 3D models and scenes.
  • Apply Surface Textures with Precision - In the world of 3D, texturing may just be the most important component in creating convincing final renderings. Once you have designed your 3D model, Strata Design 3D CX gives you powerful tools to create, apply and manipulate surface textures with beautifully accurate results.
  • Set-Up Your Scene with Lighting, Backgrounds, Cameras - Scene composition is a critical step in producing stunning images. Design 3D CX makes it easier to control the environment than any photography studio you could imagine. Position your 3D objects and then place lights, reflection panels, cameras, backgrounds, environments, reflection elements and more to produce a superior final render or animation for your design project.
  • Render Photo-Real Images and Animations at Blazing Speeds - Design 3D is well known for its extraordinary rendering technology. Whether you're after photo-realistic results or some other style for your static or motion graphics, you will find the rendering options to suit your needs and output the results using one of the fastest rendering engines in the industry. After all, it's all about the final results and Design 3D delivers.
  • Tightly Integrated with Adobe Photoshop - Design 3D CX is a favorite among creative designers, thanks to tight integration with Adobe Photoshop. Design 3D allows you to use linked PS files as image maps, so changes made in the PS file are automatically updated in the Design 3D texture. Design 3D renders to Adobe Photoshop Layers for easy post-production work. Image maps created in Photoshop and saved (as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, etc.) can be loaded into the texture channels as image maps for creating textures.

Strata Design 3D CX for Mac 8.0 序号版 - 超强专业3D建模动画软件

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