Redacted 是一款Mac上易用的图片添加马赛克工具,可以帮助我们轻松对照片进行马赛克、滤镜、局部模糊等操作,非常好用,对于经常需要截图上传并且需要遮挡隐私的用户来说非常有用,很不错!

[Redacted 在 Mac App Store上售价30元]

Redacted for Mac 1.2 介绍

Redacted makes it quick and easy to redact parts of an image. Hide sensitive details of an image by simply clicking and dragging. You can redact an image in three different ways:

  • Pixelate
  • Blur
  • Black bar

Quickly drag and drop an image into Redacted or simply paste and image to get going. When you're done, share it to Facebook, Twitter, and more with Yosemite's new share menu or simply copy the image out of Redacted.

Note: Redacted doesn't support PDFs yet.

Redacted for Mac 1.2 激活版 - Mac上易用的图片马赛克工具

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