Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate可以将你使用的应用中的一段文本从一种语言翻译到另外一种语言,选择一段文本,然后按下快捷键,软件就可以将它翻译成你需要的语言。

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Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 介绍

InstantTranslate makes it really easy to translate a selection of text in the application you are working in from one language to another language. Simply select a piece of text hit the shortcut key: Command+Shift+@ (⌘⇧@). InstantTranslate will translate the selected text to the selected destination language, automatically detecting the language of the selection.


  • Uses Microsoft® Translator as translation engine.
  • Automatically detect the language of the selected text.
  • Select the source language if auto detection is not desired.
  • Select select the destination language.
  • Supported Languages:
    • Arabic, French, Latvian, Swedish
    • Bulgarian, German, Lithuanian, Thai
    • Chinese Simplified, Greek, Norwegian, Turkish
    • Chinese Traditional, Haitian Creole, Polish, Ukrainian
    • Czech, Hebrew, Portuguese, Vietnamese
    • Danish, Hungarian, Romanian
    • Dutch, Indonesian, Russian
    • English, Italian, Slovak
    • Estonian, Japanese, Slovenian
    • Finnish, Korean, Spanish
  • Change the shortcut key to any key combination. The default key is Command+Shift+@ (⌘⇧@).
  • Result is shown in a simple pop-up window. No bells and whistles, plain results.
  • Remember the position and size of the pop-up window. Put it where you prefer it and it will popup in exactly the same place with the same size as you left it.
  • InstantTranslate is available in 4 languages. English, Dutch, Polish, German, Japanese and Chines. More languages coming soon.

What’s New in Version 2.0

We are happy to ship this anniversary update to you! We did our best to improve the user experience.

Now, you can copy translation in just one click, select languages using Return and swap languages with the Control+S shortcut.

Also, we now support translations of texts up to 20 000 characters long, that’s 4000 words in average!

It will go a long way in supporting us if you leave us a review in the Mac App Store.

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 破解版 - 即时翻译工具

Instant Translate for Mac 2.0 下载

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