Paws for Trello for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - Trello客户端

应网友要求更新。Paws for Trello是美丽的Trello客户端。它带来Trello与本地通知,强大的快捷键,以及更多你的桌面 – 远离你的浏览器的干扰。

[Paws for Trello 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币18元]

Paws for Trello for Mac 1.2.0 介绍

Paws for Trello is a beautiful Trello client for Mac. It brings Trello to your desktop with native notifications, powerful shortcuts and more - away from the distractions of your browser.

  • Beautiful minimal interface that lets you stay productive and doesn’t get in the way of your work.
  • Get notified whenever there’s new activity in any of your Trello boards.
  • Set a global shortcut that opens the main window from anywhere.
  • Navigate between your starred boards with a quick shortcut

Trello is already full of useful shortcuts and options. We’ve made sure they work as they were intended, including keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop and more.

**Paws for Trello requires a free account to use. **

Paws for Trello is built by a small team. We’d love to know how we can make you even more productive, so get in touch via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @GoFriendlyFoxes.

Some useful Paws for Trello shortcuts:

  • Cmd+Alt+T - Open app from anywhere (customizable)
  • Cmd+1-9 - Quick access to your Starred Boards
  • Cmdl+0 - Open Boards page
  • Right-click on card - quick edit menu
  • All Trello shortcuts still work!

Paws for Trello is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. ( Trello, Trello logo and Taco the adorable mascot are trademarks of Trello Inc.

Paws for Trello for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - Trello客户端

Paws for Trello for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - Trello客户端

Paws for Trello for Mac 1.2.0 激活版 - Trello客户端

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