Flume Pro Mac 破解版 精美的Instagram客户端

Flume 是一款Mac上精美的Instagram客户端,软件界面设计很漂亮,支持Instagram图片和视频的浏览、评论和分享等,同时支持 Safari,Chrome 扩展,在墙内的朋友们扛梯子吧!

[Flume 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币30元]

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 介绍

Flume 把 Instagram 世界里非常漂亮的照片带到了你的电脑桌面上。

**请注意,所有第三方 Instagram 应用程序不能够上传照片和视频。Flume 只能连接现有的 Instagram 账户,Flume 不支持创建 Instagram 账户,只能通过移动设备创建。**


  • 一个漂亮的设计,只为让你更加专注于照片和视频。
  • 查看,赞,评论,关注,及随时分享。
  • 多个 Instagram 账户之间轻松切换。
  • 在进入全屏的情况下,照片和视频可以显示原始的长宽比。
  • 支持空格键快速预览大图和视频。
  • 基于用户位置和用户关注的人,显示热门内容。
  • 查看最新的动态(新的赞,新的评论和新加入 Instagram 的朋友),返回最新的通知(新的关注请求)
  • 轻扫你的触控板或 Magic Mouse 可以浏览你的定阅内容。
  • 支持搜索用户,#标签,地点。并且可以保存它们以便下次快速访问。
  • 可在位置,标签,用户里显示 你要搜索 #标签 的照片和视频。
  • 在阅读评论和浏览状态时,支持翻译。
  • Flume New Tab 是一款集成了 Instagram 且很漂亮的 Safari 插件。具体内容请访问 https://flumeapp.com/new-tab/
  •  所有的操作都有对应的快捷键,支持VoiceOver/辅助功能。

关于 Flume 更多内容 请访问 https://flumeapp.com。当然你也可以在 Twitter 上关注 @flumeapp 以便获取第一时间的信息。

What's New in Flume


  • A potential crash when trimming a video during file selection.
  • A potential crash when removing the hover state from certain text links.
  • An issue with location search results not appearing.
  • An issue with undo coalescing when pasting text into text entry areas and using the macOS undo/redo functionality.
  • When viewing the details of a post shared in a conversation, and then deleting that post, popping back to the conversation will immediately update to remove the now non-existent shared post.
  • An upload issue when failing to convert the color space of source items.
  • An issue with text links changing to the wrong color after mouse hover.


  • A stalling issue if an account had 1 new notification from a user that required an avatar to be downloaded and a desktop notification to be displayed.
  • Multiple new follower requests are now properly batched into a single notification.
  • Clicking on search results in the conversation search wasn’t possible.
  • An issue when sharing to linked accounts with captions that include special characters, that appear as question marks on the Facebook Lite Android app.
  • A edge-case crashing issue when clicking on the avatar of the author in the detail view.
  • The follow requests list of users didn't update after accepting/ignoring the request.
  • Force the Dock icon to remove its badge if you log out of all accounts, and it was previously badged.
  • The @ symbol prefix for usernames is gone from various places / notifications.
  • Consistent menu appearance/disappearance behaviour/logic in all areas.
  • Updated missing localisations.

Version 2.8.6:

  • Fixed: A remote change by Instagram would cause Flume to crash if your feed contained a specific type of sponsored post.

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 - 精美的Instagram客户端

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 - 精美的Instagram客户端

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 - 精美的Instagram客户端

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 - 精美的Instagram客户端

Flume Pro Mac 破解版 - 精美的Instagram客户端

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