Anthemion Software Jutoh Mac 破解版 电子书设计编辑制作软件

Jutoh 是一款电子书设计编辑制作软件,它可以很容易地创造流行的格式。通过现有的文件,使用新建项目向导,你可以在几秒钟内创建你的项目,或从头使用内置的样式文本编辑器,创造你的作品。通过内置的封面编辑器,你可以从Jutoh的模板或创建自己的封面。


Jutoh 2.91 Mac 破解版 介绍





What's New in Jutoh

Version 2.91.2:

  • Corrected replacement of spaces when performing a web search via Tools | Web Search.
  • Now writes 'flow with text' property to ODT for floating objects, to avoid flowing onto a footer.
  • Fixed 'Show styles used in this project' option to also work with text scraps.
  • When inserting a symbol, the symbol dialog now shows the current font; also, now applies the selected font for the character span of the new symbol.
  • When importing from DOCX, ignores 'nil' borders around paragraphs to avoid spurious boxes being created.
  • Fixed bug exporting HTML with different rowspans within a row, where some rows would not be written.
  • When adding a custom error message exception, the default mode is to add the exception text for the whole paragraph, since this is the commonest case.
  • Fixed a bug in file recovery after a crash occurs following creation of a new project. Previously, Jutoh would not automatically recover a temporary editing file (when editing in a Dropbox file) if the project had just been created.
  • Global spelling dictionary changes are now saved immediately in case of a crash.
  • Added Normal and Reverse options when sorting the children of a folder.

Version 2.90 :

  • Added a new sample 'Heritage Screenplay.jutoh' demonstrating screenplay formatting styles and keyboard shortcuts, and auto-scene numbering using sequence fields. The sample also demonstrates removing scene summary content during ODT output but showing the summaries in Book outline mode in the Inspector.
  • The Book outline view in the Inspector now takes into account bold formatting and capitalization in the heading styles.
  • When compiling the Book outline in the Inspector, Jutoh now looks first at the Outline Style to find headings. If nothing matches, Jutoh uses the advanced table of contents settings to find headings. Failing that, Jutoh looks for an outline level within each individual heading.
  • Fixed closing level tags in DAISY format.
  • Full list of changes available here

Version 2.85.4:

Note: Now requires a 64-bit Intel processor

  • When creating a media document, you are now given the choice of creating a local resource from a file, or remote resource (URL) needed for creating Epub 3 files when you refer to a remote resource within arbitrary HTML.
  • When adding a word to the personal dictionary during a spell check, you can now choose to add the word to the project exceptions list (a special find and replace presets library called 'Spelling') or to the global personal dictionary. This behaviour can be changed via the new advanced setting Spell-check exceptions mode.
  • Fixed a bug whereby changing custom CSS for a style from project properties didn't 'stick'.
  • When editing a preset, the available styles are now present when choosing style search terms.
  • After editing a find and replace preset libary in Preferences, this name is available to Custom compile messages in advanced preferences without reopening the dialog.
  • Fixed bugs in specifying a named style for a new text box and changing border attributes when a named style has been specified.
  • Made the styles in the editor context menu alphabetically ordered with paragraph styles in their own submenu.
  • When removing a link, any bookmark in this fragment is no longer removed; similarly, removing a bookmark does not remove any link.
  • The shortcut for inserting or editing a URL is now Ctrl+K (for fresh installations), since this convention is used by various other applications.

Jutoh 2.91 Mac 破解版 - 电子书设计编辑制作软件

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