iPulse 是一款Mac上实用的系统监控工具,能够在桌面详细监控和显示系统的运行状况,包括CPU、内存、硬盘、网络等的使用情况,应用资源占用列表排序等等,非常的实用!

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iPulse for Mac 3.0.2 介绍

Thousands of customers have been using iPulse to keep an eye on their Mac’s performance since it was introduced back in 2002. Now, the first app to display system status is optimized for Sierra!

Using its concise and appealing user interface, iPulse graphically displays the inner workings of macOS on your desktop, menu bar or Dock. The presentation is totally configurable so you can set exactly what you need and view it just the way you want.

iPulse comes with ten built-in presets that let you quickly choose a setup that works best for your needs. You can also download new looks from the Iconfactory website. Check out the different configurations in the screenshots below!

This new version also fully compatible with the new "rootless" System Integrity Protection introduced in El Capitan: it's designed to use system resources efficiently and securely.


  • Monitors numerous macOS statistics including:
    • CPU activity
    • System load over time
    • Network bandwidth and activity
    • Memory activity and usage
    • Battery & wireless signal strength
    • Disk usage
  • Current time and date
  • Compact, clever & fully customizable user interface
  • Presents information both graphically and with text
  • Beautiful on Retina display
  • Fits in perfectly with the new system appearances
  • Save & load custom appearances
  • Minimizes impact on system performance
  • View data on the desktop, in the menu bar or Dock
  • Show & hide windows using system hotkeys
iPulse for Mac 3.0.2 激活版 - 实用的系统监控工具
iPulse for Mac 3.0.2 激活版 - 实用的系统监控工具
iPulse for Mac 3.0.2 激活版 - 实用的系统监控工具

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