App Pier for Mac 1.6 激活版 - 键盘快捷键

App Pier是一个键盘友好的应用程序启动器和切换器与触摸栏支持新的Macbook Pro。使用App Pier,您可以通过隐藏MacOS dock来节省屏幕空间,因为App Pier将允许您通过键盘快捷键执行许多任务。它驻留在菜单中,以便您可以随时访问,甚至另一个应用程序是在全屏模式。

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App Pier for Mac 1.6 介绍

App Pier is a keyboard-friendly application launcher and switcher with Touch Bar support for the new Macbook Pro. It allows you to save screen space by hiding the macOS Dock, as App Pier will let you perform many of the tasks using keyboard shortcuts. It resides in the menu bar so that you can reach it anytime--even if another app is in full-screen mode.

  • You can keep app in App Pier and reorder them to your taste and this way you can create muscle memory in keyboard when using with Touch Bar. Your app buttons will always be at the same position.
  • You can open the app with Cmd + Option + Tab keyboard shortcut.
  • You can select an app by simply start typing its name. Even first letter is enough most of the case to select the app--you can even use the up- and down-arrow keys to select an item. When selected, you can press:
    • Return to launch the app
    • Option + H to toggle hide / unhide
    • Option + K to keep in / remove from the dock
  • The app list also lets you use drag-and-drop with mouse / trackpad to reorder or remove the app.
  • Running apps are denoted with a dash in menu bar window and a bordered button on Touch Bar.

Note: You need a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to view Touch Bar items.


Version 1.6:

  • With Focus Mode, you can concentrate on your selected app. When enabled, only windows of the selected app appear and windows of all other apps are hidden. It happens for all your running apps whenever you switch using App
  • Now Cmd + U unhides all windows without a need for selecting an app
  • When in Focus Mode, Cmd + Return opens selected app without hiding other windows.
  • When not in Focus Mode, Cmd + Return opens selected app hiding other windows
  • Similarly, when in Focus mode, Cmd + Touch Bar button, opens selected app without hiding other windows and vice versa
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

App Pier for Mac 1.6 激活版 - 键盘快捷键

App Pier for Mac 1.6 激活版 - 键盘快捷键

App Pier for Mac 1.6 激活版 - 键盘快捷键

App Pier for Mac 1.6 激活版 - 键盘快捷键

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