Data Recovery Essential Pro是一款mac数据恢复工具,Data Recovery Essential for Mac可以快速恢复图片、文档、视频、音乐等文件,你还可以使用Data Recovery Essential mac扫描所有现有文件系统,轻松查找已删除的数据,使用很便捷。

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Data Recovery Essential Pro 3.8 Mac 破解版 介绍

Data Recovery Essential是一款全新的,不断更新的数据恢复和取消删除应用。它还提供高达100MB的日常恢复,如果您丢失了一两个文档并且需要立即进行快速数据恢复会话,这是完美的。

Data Recovery Essential Pro 3.8 is a fresh, constantly updated, data recovery and undelete app. Data Recovery Essential will restore all existing file formats: images and photos, music, documents, videos, ZIP and other compressed files, etc. If your lost data is not recoverable with our Quick Scan or your file system has been damaged, Deep Scan and other extensive data retrieval algorithms will reconstruct your files based on our unique collection of binary file signatures (which is also constantly updated).

Data Recovery Essential scans all existing file systems, including HFS+, NTFS, FAT32, EXT4 and others, and will also be able to find deleted data after accidental or incomplete disk format. All internal and external storage devices supported: your Mac’s main hard drive, any mountable external disks, USB flash thumb drives, cameras, memory cards, and even other Macs.

Once the disk image is created, load it into Data Recovery Essential app and scan it for deleted data. The app will then show all your recoverable files in a well-structured list that can be searched and filtered. You can recover selected files or just dump everything to another disk or destination and sort it out later. The data recovery process is very fast, smooth and clear.

Note: Data Recovery Essential cannot recover deleted data from iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch).

Data Recovery Essential Pro 3.8 Mac 破解版 数据恢复工具

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