Colorful Folders Mac破解版中文名为星语多彩文件夹,是mac上一款非常好用的文件夹图标修改工具,提供了很多漂亮的文件夹,并提供了随机文件夹的功能,而且使用简单:将文件夹从Finder拖到应用程序中心,然后选择所需的文件夹,然后单击应用按钮,可以更改文件夹的样式。

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Colorful Folders 2.1.0 Mac 破解版 介绍

Colorful Folders提供了很多漂亮的文件夹,并提供了随机文件夹的功能,它将带给您意想不到的惊喜。使用简单:将文件夹从Finder拖到应用程序中心,然后选择所需的文件夹,然后单击“应用”按钮,即可更改该文件夹的样式。

Colorful Folders provide a lot of beautiful folder, and provides the function of the random folder, it will give you unexpected surprises. It is simple to use:Drag folder from Finder to app center,then Select the folder you want, and then click apply button,It can change the style of the folder.


  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Provide a lot of beautiful folder
  3. Provide function of random folder(random make folder, may have
    unexpected surprise)
  4. Provide custom functions(You can design your favorite folders,provide a lot of clip art, and you can dragg clip art what you want from the Finder, but need to purchase)

Colorful Folders is your folder factory,You worth a try!

Thank you for your support! We still have a lot of places to be improved,If you have any good Suggestions, please tell me(, thank you again.

Colorful Folders Mac 破解版 星语多彩文件夹

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