Application Wizard Mac 破解版 应用快速启动效率工具

Application Wizard 是一款Mac上的应用快速启动效率工具,这款软件可以在屏幕上固定一个快速调用的栏,可以快速的切换或启动应用、目录等,很不错!

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Application Wizard 4.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Application Wizard提供对应用程序、文档、文件夹和磁盘的快速访问。 它可以让你快速的打开,退出,并使应用程序活动,运行和打开AppleScripts,单一应用模式减少屏幕混乱。

使用应用程序向导,您还可以浏览卷和收藏夹,以便快速打开封闭的项目、弹出和挂载磁盘、检查内存使用情况以及方便地访问最近的文档和联系人。 最后,应用程序向导允许您预览图像、音乐、电影和文档,并查看文件属性和元数据。

What's New in Application Wizard

Version 4.1:

  • The incompatibilities with macOS 10.15 Catalina have been solved.
  • The Open and Special menus now display Access Not Allowed when Application Wizard can't access files on a volume or in a folder. On Catalina, make sure to allow Application Wizard to access files on removable and network volumes and in your Documents, Desktop, and Downloads folder, if you want to browse them.
  • The System Memory submenu has been revised and now displays memory used (app, wired, and compressed memory), cached files, and swap used. In addition to that, it now lists compressed, decompressed, purged, and purgeable pages.
  • A bug that caused Application Wizard to stop responding when trying to trash a file contained in a read-only folder or volume has been fixed. In addition to that, Application Wizard now displays an error message when trying to move a file to a read-only folder or volume.
  • A bug, introduced in version 4.0, that could cause Application Wizard to quit unexpectedly when trying to preview a movie has been fixed.
  • A bug, introduced in version 4.0, that could cause aliases to appear in the Applications panel has been fixed.

Version 4.0.1:

  • A bug that could cause Application Wizard to quit unexpectedly when trying to display the System Preferences submenu of the Open menu has been fixed.

Version 4.0:

  • The Application Wizard background-only application has been rewritten so that Application Wizard is now fully 64-bit.
  • The incompatibilities with macOS 10.14 Mojave have been solved.
  • On Mojave, support for Dark Mode has been introduced. In addition to that, on macOS 10.13 or earlier, the Application Wizard menus are now dark when the "Use dark menu bar and Dock" option in the General pane of System Preferences is selected.
  • Support for Retina displays has been introduced.
  • The incompatibilities with APFS volumes have been solved. In addition to that, the Special menu now also indicates the format of volumes and the number of ejectable partitions on external disks containing the startup volume is now correctly calculated.
  • Previews have been fully revised.
    • The appearance of previews has been revised and their maximum size has been increased to 800 pixels.
    • Previews are now always opaque, no matter whether menus are opaque or transparent.
    • Previews of high resolution images now display a spinning progress indicator while files are loaded.
    • Actual-size previews of text files can now be scrolled vertically to view their entire content.
    • Previews of audio and video files can now be paused and resumed, and have a progress circle.
    • The More Info submenu of audio file previews displays additional information (work, movement, lyrics).
    • The Share submenu and the Set Desktop Picture command have been reintroduced. The Add to Aperture and Add to iPhoto commands are now included in the Share submenu.
    • To show the Move to Trash and Copy to Desktop commands, you need now to hold down the Control key while displaying a preview.
    • Slideshows of images has been revised and now use Quick Look.
    • Some minor bugs related to Quick Look previews have been fixed.
  • Contacts has been fully revised.
    • The Contacts submenu now separately lists all your contacts, contacts on your Mac, contacts from Internet accounts (iCloud for instance), and contacts in groups and smart groups. In addition to that, contacts are now grouped by letter.
    • The appearance of cards has been fully revised. In addition to that, cards belonging to the same contact may now display different information depending on whether they are located on your Mac, kept in an Internet account, or listed in the All Contacts submenu.
    • International phone numbers and postal addresses are now correctly formatted. In addition to that, the appearance of large type phone numbers has been revised.
    • The Open in Maps/Open in Google Maps and Copy Map URL/Copy Google Maps URL commands now correctly support addresses with accented or non-Latin characters.
    • The More Info submenu now also indicates lunar birthdays.
  • The Open menu now displays a spinning progress indicator while searching for applications and scripts in big folders.
  • The Special menu now displays a spinning progress indicator while searching the contents of a smart folder.
  • The Login Window command in the Special menu has been replaced by the Lock Screen command.
  • After a clean installation, Application Wizard now comes with the following predefined groups: Internet and Communication, iWork, Productivity, and (if Xcode is installed) Development.
  • All numbers are now displayed using the format specified in the Language & Region pane of System Preferences.
  • Several minor interface improvements has been introduced in the Application Wizard preference pane.
  • The automatic update of paths when applications added to groups or items added to menus are moved or renamed has been restored.
  • A bug that could cause some background-only processes (e.g. universalaccessd) to be listed among the running applications in the Quit and Switch menus has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the Special menu not to display application tags has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the background of the menu panel not to change on macOS 10.11 when the "Use dark menu bar and Dock" option was selected has been fixed.
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements have bee introduced.
  • Minimum required system version is now macOS 10.11.

Application Wizard Mac 破解版 应用快速启动效率工具

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