ZOC Terminal 8.01.0 Mac 破解版 Telnet/SSH/SSH2终端软件

ZOC Terminal是一个telnet/ssh/ssh3客户端和终端仿真器。通过标签式会话、类型化命令历史、scrollback和多窗口支持,ZOC Terminal实现的模拟使它成为任何需要从Windows或OS X平台上访问Unix shell帐户的人的首选工具。

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ZOC Terminal 8.01.0 Mac 破解版 介绍

ZOC Terminal 一个telnet/ssh/ssh3客户端和终端仿真器。通过标签式会话、类型化命令历史、scrollback和多窗口支持,ZOC终端实现的模拟使它成为任何需要从Windows或OS X平台上访问Unix shell帐户的人的首选工具。

Emulate widely-used or specialized terminals:

  • vt102
  • vt220
  • TN3270
  • TN5250
  • Wyse
  • TVI
  • Sun's CDE

Transfer files through major protocols:

  • X-, Y-, and Z-modem
  • Kermit
  • SCP

ZOC Terminal 8.01.0 Mac 破解版 新功能

Version 8.01.0

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later

  • Added new emulation VT420
  • Added new emulation VT520
  • Added new emulation HP 2645
  • Added new emulation Tandem 6530
  • FTP/SFTP client (see host directory entries and Transfer-menu)
  • Terminal font is now dpi scale dependent (scales correctly when changing between HD and 4K monitors)
  • Option to define multiple color profiles and to assign them to session profiles
  • Background color can be also specified for highlight, underline and blinking attributes
  • Built-in support for the "Solarized" color scheme (choose in session profile colors)
  • More default color schemes (Linux Console, macOS Terminal, Putty, Rxvt, Ubuntu, ANSI-BBS, VGA, Xterm)
  • Auto-highlight can now define multiple words in one entry
  • Auto-highlight patterns can now end with a pattern character
  • Auto-highlight now offers experimental regexp matching
  • Auto-highlight now has a 'clone' function
  • Auto-highlight and auto-action can now be set for the same text
  • Can now protect the program using an smartcard or usb-plug (e.g. Yubikey) instead of password
  • When setting a ZOC master password or key, it will be used to encrypt the host directory and the stored passwords
  • While asking for the master password/key, the screen content will be hidden
  • Mouse wheel can now be used to browse through tabs
  • New program settings page for local typing
  • Option to close scrollback view after pressing cursor up/down keys
  • Option to trim trailing blanks from all lines in block selection
  • Option to trim trailing blanks from the last line of a selection
  • Option to use the Enter key to copy marked text into clipboard (like Windows Shell)
  • Option to set number of recent scripts in Script menu
  • Host directory password bulk-change function (via more-button)
  • Host directory import function is now able to replace a host directory with new one
  • Host directory import function is now able to selectively import from section or folders
  • Host directory export function is now able to export individual entries
  • Host directory better naming when cloning an entry multiple times
  • Host directory search button added to sections edit dialog
  • Host directory is now able to show session profile, device and emulation per entry
  • Host directory now contains an entry field to filter the above list host entries
  • When switching tabs in host directory, the previously opened folder per tab is restored
  • SSH zoc-agent program for Windows
  • SSH commandline ssh-add and ssh-keygen programs for Windows
  • SSH support for Kerberos/GGSAPI authentication
  • SSH support for Windows Certificate Store (e.g. CAC smartcards, USB plug in IDs)
  • SSH global login keys can now hold more than three entries
  • SSH shows encryption/cipher in connect message
  • SSH has new option to show verbose debug output
  • SSH now handles password-change requests
  • SSH has now improved performance when handling floods of agent-authentication requests
  • SSH now shows comparison of server and client auth-methods in debug info
  • SSH X11 now supports trusted X11 forwarding on macOS
  • Telnet now also supports connections via SOCKS5 proxy
  • Telnet now also supports connections via http proxy
  • Telnet/SSL now also allows to set advanced telnet options (e.g. CR conversion)
  • Xterm emulation now supports VPR (vertical position relative)
  • Xterm emulation now supports CNL and CPL (cursor previous/next line)
  • Xterm emulation now supports HPA and HPR (horizontal pos. absolute/relative)
  • Xterm emulation now supports SL and SR (shift columns left/right)
  • Xterm emulation now supports window/icon title save/restore
  • Xterm emulation handles DECCARA and DECRARA sequences
  • Xterm emulation handles DECCRA, DECRQPSR and DECCIR sequence
  • Xterm emulation handles DECSERA, DECERA and DECFRA sequences
  • Xterm emulation handles REP sequence (repeat previous character)
  • Xterm emulation now supports mouse mode 1001 (mouse report with highlight)
  • Xterm emulation and sends mouse-clicks with ctrl-key to remote VI with se mouse=a active
  • Xterm emulation new option to prevent emulation from stealing mouse events
  • Xterm emulation now supports clipboard write via OSC-52 protocol
  • Xterm emulation now supports xterm-new, vt220 and rxvt function key handling
  • Xterm now has option to send qualifiers (ctrl,shift,alt) for left/right/up/down/end/pageup/pagedown
  • TN3270 emulation has an advanced option to not store the session progress in scrollback
  • TN3270 emulation has a new option to send page up/down (PF7/PF8) via scroll-wheel
  • TN3270 emulation left strg key can now to mapped to Reset, Enter and Nothing
  • TN3270 has an own color page in session profile dialog, if interface is simplified for TN3270
  • TN3270 emulation has a new color-scheme dialog for standard mode, including custom scheme editing
  • TN3270 IND$FILE transfer can now use custom name for the IND$FILE program
  • TN3270 now supports SSCP-LU mode
  • TN3270 now selects all screen with Ctrl+A
  • TN3270 when pressing Del key on a marked area, all fields in the marked area will be cleared
  • TN5250 emulation now moves cusor with double speed when pressing shift+left and shift+right
  • TN5250 emulation now has an option to mark with keyboard (shift-key and arrow keys)
  • TN5250 emulation now stops pasting at the end of screen
  • TN5250 emulation now offers a "continue pasting" funtion
  • TN5250 EraseEOF key
  • VT emulations now support DECRQM (request mode)
  • VT emulations now support DECRQSS
  • VT emulations now support DECSCL
  • VT emulations now support "DCS ... ST" based sequences
  • Wyse emulation now supports screen on/off command
  • Wyse emulation now supports block mode
  • Wyse emulation can show custom messages on status line
  • Wyse emulation supports fkeys up to F16
  • Wyse emulation now supports directional custom f-key defintion
  • Wyse emulation shows status on status line (e.g. "INS", "BLK", "CAPS", etc.)
  • Wyse emulation handles more control sequences (pagination, data sending, printing, debug-mode)
  • Wyse emulation option to toggle Insert key between insert mode and "ich1"
  • Wyse 50 emulation now supports prot-mode display attributes (in non character-attribute modes)
  • Kermit file transfer upload now offers filesize to receiver
  • Kermit file transfer upload now offers filemodtime to receiver
  • Kermit file transfer receive now handles filemodtime from receiver and supports ZOCs "File Handling" options
  • Added REXX command ZocDdeClient to access other software (e.g. read from Excel via DDE)
  • REXX command ZocGlobalStore now supports an in-memory "VOLATILE" store
  • REXX command ZocDialog with subcommand "SET" to programatically fill dialog elements
  • REXX command ZocDialog with new dialog element type "LISTBOX"
  • REXX command ZocCommand now has new sub-command "SETMARKEDAREA"
  • REXX command ZocRegistry now has new sub-command "TEST"
  • REXX command ZocRegistry can now read/write registry entries of type REG_BINARY
  • REXX command ZocGetInfo now has new sub-command "MARKEDAREA"
  • REXX command ZocGetInfo now has new sub-command "TN3270FIELDATTR"
  • REXX command ZocString now has new sub-commands "LOAD" and "SAVE"
  • REXX command ZocString now has new sub-commands "UTF8-ENCODE" and "UTF8-DECODE"
  • REXX command ZocString now has new sub-commands "AES256-ENCRYPT" and "AES256-DECRYPT"
  • REXX command ZocDeviceControl for Serial/Direct has new sub-command "FINDUSBPORT"
  • Support for NetTerm PRINT/17 command
  • Support for NetTerm-like PRINTDEL/17 command
  • Support for NetTerm-like DELETE/17 command
  • Support for NetTerm-like DRAGDROPNOTIFY/206 and SENDDRAGGEDFILES/206 commands
  • SSH now based on OpenSSH 8.1
  • All encryption now based on OpenSSL 1.1.0g
  • REXX interpreter now based on Regina REXX 3.9.2
  • Now also supports complete ISO charsets ISO 8859-1 to ISO 8859-16
  • Now allows upload of folders (nonrecursive) via drag-drop of folder into terminal window
  • Warning when pasting multiple lines of text into the terminal
  • Under Windows-10 ZOC can be selected as the Windows default application for SSH:// and TELNET:// urls
  • %TEMP% can now be used as a placeholder for the temp dir (e.g. when specifiying program folder locations)
  • Reconnect now also works if a connection was not successful (e.g. wifi was not available after laptop wakeup etc.)
  • %COMPUTERNAME% and %USERNAME% can now be used as a placeholder for the ENQ reply string
  • Script recording now records commands to copy marked text on screen
  • Option in SERIAL/DIRECT to show active com port in status bar
  • Zoom font via Ctr+Plus Ctrl+Minus keys in datastream window
  • Text/binary upload dialog now shows cps and time remaining
  • Option for logging to append number to filename if file exists
  • Mouse middle button click on tab closes tab
  • Warning when pasting large amount of text into terminal
  • TTY emulation now beeps when receiving a BEL
  • Better support for unicode filenames
  • Ability to completely reconfigure the main menu (via admin.ini file in the program folder)
  • Scanning for serial ports (serial/modem or serial/direct) can now be aborted
  • Alt-F search dialog remembers last search strings in a dropdown box
  • Menu shortcut for the last run REXX script added
  • Support for macOS dark mode
  • Copy-Screen function no longer shares the same shortcut with Copy-Selection
  • Mouse wheel action now default to "smart"
  • Application language now depends on Windows display language instead of location
  • Increased length of user button title
  • Increased length of host directory info field
  • Even more performance improvement for scp file transfers
  • Screen lock with password now blanks terminal screen until unlock
  • Telnet global options and ping-option removed
  • Telnet options 'no-lookup' and 'keepalive' are now session based (no longer global)
  • Option for interpretation of control codes in local typing moved from session profile to program settings
  • Logging now logs backspace characters to file instead of erasing previous characters from logfile
  • SSH global keys no longer have a separate option in quick-connect and host directory entry
  • Opening a new tab with clone-session will place the tab right next to the original tab

ZOC Terminal 8.01.0 Mac 破解版 Telnet/SSH/SSH2终端软件

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