Tableau Desktop Pro for Mac 10.2.0 破解版 - 智能商业数据分析工具

使用Tableau Desktop以思考的速度回答问题。 Tableau Desktop Pro是一种商业智能工具,允许您轻松地可视化,分析和共享大量数据。一键点击的视觉分析 - 强大的分析工具 - 在您的指尖。动态过滤数据,拆分不同类别的趋势或运行深入的队列分析。双击地理字段以将数据放在地图上。所有没有写一行代码。深度统计信息 - 通过对现有数据的新计算,深入了解数据。制作一键式预测,制作框图并查看您的数据的统计摘要。

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Tableau Desktop Pro for Mac 10.2.0 介绍


Business analytics application for OS X that enables you to open local files or connect to online databases and integrates optimized data queries

Tableau is a comprehensive business analytics software that offers you the possibility to visualize your data using different models to identify relevant patterns or detect trends. The app allows you to create data visualizations with the help of powerful yet easy to use tools.

Open local database files or connect to various types of database servers

To help you get started, Tableau provides quick access to sample databases: the app will automatically reach online resources and offer you the option to navigate the graphs.

Note that the Tableau developers provide more extensive resources online: you can browse the sample gallery and download the projects that interest you.

Within the Tableau main window you get to easily open Excel, text, or statistical files, but the app also includes support for many other file formats, such as .twb, .tbm, .tds, .tde, .csv, .tab, .tsv, .sav, .rda, .rdata, and more.

At the same time, Tableau can connect to numerous types of data servers, such as Tableau, MySQL, Oracle, Amazon, Firebird, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, OData, PostgreSQL, or Teradata servers, and so on.

Run queries without having to employ the command line

The best part when it comes to Tableau is the fact that you get to generate numerous visualization graphs for the available data in no time: just select the pattern you want to apply and the app takes care of the rest.

In addition, Tableau integrates a presentation mode that enables you to navigate through all your charts and present the data that backs up your decision making. Tableau integrates numerous filters and sorting functions that allow you to display the available information exactly how you like.

Business analytics solution that packs extensive visualization capabilities

Tableau offers you the option to analyze data from various sources in a streamlined manner, without having to deal with complicated commands to run queries or to filter the information.

As a result, you get to analyze the data in a user-friendly manner and identify patterns or trends a lot faster. Moreover, the presentation mode is great if you need to motivate your decisions in front of an audience.

Tableau Desktop Pro for Mac 10.2.0 破解版 - 智能商业数据分析工具

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