My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

My Reasons for Mac 帮助您构建通过使用自己的视觉提醒,良好的习惯,为什么你想成为一个更好的你。从该小说你一直想写吃健康工作,它可以帮助你保持通过保持你专注于你的原因,同时保持跟踪你的运动。

[My Reasons 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币30元]

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 介绍

My Reasons helps you build better habits by using your own visual reminders of why you want to be a better you. From working on that novel you've always wanted to write to eating healthier, it helps you stay motivated by keeping you focused on Your Reasons while keeping track of your progress.

Add photos and text that are meaningful to you to each habit that My Reasons turns into elegant animations you can view whenever you need encouragement to stay the course.

Check off your habits as you complete them each day and use My Reasons to monitor your progress. My Reasons will also show you your current completion streak for each habit.

My Reasons runs in your Mac's menu bar so your habits and motivational animations are always just a click away. If you want to see your habit animations all of the time, you can enable the desktop background option and My Reasons will display your habit animations as your Mac's desktop background.

My Reasons is also available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch and you can sync your habit information via iCloud, so it is always available wherever you are.


  • Runs in the menu bar so My Reasons is always easily accessible.
  • Setup reminders to notify you of specific habits and/or to update your habits for the day.
  • The calendar view lets you monitor your progress over time.
  • View your current streak for each habit.
  • Supports multiple habits.
  • Flexible scheduling allows you to pick the days of the week and timeframe you want to work on each habit.
  • Each habit can have multiple photos and text reasons.
  • Animations of your reasons to make or break a habit are available with a single click from the Menu Bar.
  • Turn on Desktop Animations to turn your desktop background into a My Reasons habit animation.
  • Keep My Reasons in sync across multiple devices with iCloud.
  • Available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

"Best New App" - Apple App Store 2015

"I really benefit from starting my day with reviewing my habits and reasons - thank you!” - Paul S., customer

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If you have any suggestions or problems please contact us at We have no way to reply to reviews and appreciate your feedback.

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

My Reasons for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 帮你养成健康的工作生活习惯

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