HandsFree 是一款可以让Mac直接连接iPhone进行打电话发短信的工具,支持打电话、收发短信、记录会话、播放列表等,通过蓝牙连接,支持iPhone、Android等设备,非常不错!

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HandsFree for Mac 2.6.4 介绍

HandsFree lets you use your Mac to make phone calls, send/receive text messages*, record conversations, see call lists and more. It couldn't be any easier. With HandsFree running in the background (with the always available status icon and menu), you don't have to worry about missing a call or a text message. And we think the best part is that it works with any Bluetooth enabled phone. That's right, your Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or iPhone is compatible. It's like Yosemite's Continuity except for everyone and with more features.

  • Wirelessly connect to your phone using Bluetooth.
  • Call using the contacts list, use the dial pad or make a call directly from the Contacts app.
  • View incoming SMS (text messages) right on your Mac.
  • Send or reply to an SMS from your Mac. (Support for sending text messages requires a non-iOS phone. iPhones do not support sending text messages over Bluetooth. For Android, it requires version 4.4.4 or higher.)
  • Quickly see missed, incoming and outgoing call lists.
  • Record important calls.

We love hearing from our customers, so please feel free to email anytime for support or comments at support@tunabelly.com. We do our best to answer within one business day.


Fixed potential crashes on app startup.

Includes changes from v2.6.3:

  • [New] Displaying the status of the phone below the name so it's more obvious what the app is doing, especially on startup.
  • [New] Added menu option to easily reconnect to the phone if it failed.
  • [Fixed] Issue where the app would not be able to connect to the phone.
  • [Fixed] Issue where if the app didn't have access to the Mac based contacts, the text messaging feature would be unavailable.
  • [Fixed] Issue where no suggestions would be displayed for contacts when sending a text message if the app didn't have access to the Mac based contacts.
  • [Fixed] Issue where the dial pad window would not have the name of phone as its title.
  • [Fixed] Crash if the app was unable to access the MAS (Message Access Server) on the phone for the text messaging feature.
  • [Fixed] Potential crash if the app disconnected from the phone.
  • [Fixed] Potential crash after a call was finished.
  • [Fixed] Second potential crash after a call was finished. This time it was a bug in macOS that we implemented a unique workaround for.
  • [Fixed] Minor memory leak when receiving a text message.
  • [Improved] The app will no longer beachball when downloading and parsing the phonebooks (contacts, missed + incoming + outgoing calls).
  • [Improved] The app is now using a custom vCard parser so it can still process the phonebooks if it doesn't have access to the Contacts framework.

HandsFree for Mac 2.6.4 破解版 - Mac上直接打电话发短信

HandsFree for Mac 2.6.4 破解版 - Mac上直接打电话发短信

HandsFree for Mac 2.6.4 破解版 - Mac上直接打电话发短信

HandsFree for Mac 2.6.4 破解版 - Mac上直接打电话发短信

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