RazorSQL Mac 破解版 优秀的数据库管理客户端

RazorSQL 是一款Mac上优秀的数据库管理客户端,RazorSQL具有数据库连接、SQL编辑和查询、数据库管理、导入/导出数据等等功能,支持主流的30多种数据库,如Cassandra、Oracle、SQLite、MS SQL Server、MySQL、MongoDB等,非常不错!

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RazorSQL 8.4.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

RazorSQL for Mac是一个强大的跨平台实用程序,旨在使查询,浏览和管理大量数据库格式变得简单快速。能够连接到30多种不同类型的数据库,并允许您浏览其内容,执行SQL查询或执行各种管理功能。您可以将数据导入数据库或从数据库导出数据,比较数据库之间的数据等。












What's New in RazorSQL

Version 8.4.3:

  • Editor: Added Auto Save functionality for automatically saving editor tabs that have associated files every n seconds. Auto save settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backups / Auto Save preferences tab
  • Added functionality to periodically backup RazorSQL user data such as connection profiles, preferences, favorites, etc. Backup user data settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backup / Auto Save preferences tab
  • Export Utility: Added the ability to set date and timestamp formats when exporting multiple tables
  • Added an Edit -> Restore User Data from Backup option to the Edit menu for restoring user data (preferences, connection profiles, built-in database, etc.) from a previously created backup file (Edit -> Backup User Data)
  • FTPS Client: Connections to servers with expired certificates is now possible
  • Salesforce: Certain queries against the Order table are not parsing correctly

Version 8.4.1:

  • Oracle Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures, functions, and packages
  • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added ability to generate grantes for procedures and functions
  • DB2 LUW Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for tables, views, and procedures

Version 8.4.0:

  • Added auto update capabilities to the Windows and Mac versions
  • Added version 19.3 of the Oracle JDBC driver
  • Updated Firebird JDBC driver to the latest version
  • Editor: First time save of a file, file name is populated based on file type
  • XML Validator: Schemas with maxOccurs values of more than 5000 throwing validation errors

Version 8.3.6:

  • Import Tool: When importing from XLSX files, if cell format is not set to scientific notation, values get converted from scientific notation to regular numbers
  • Query Results to the Same Tab: Queries that don't return results no longer take up space in the query results section
  • Query Results to the Same Tab: Better setting of columns widths after the first result set
  • ODBC Connections: If query results number formatting preference is changed, numeric columns do not display data

Version 8.3.5:

  • Added Remove Line Breaks, Duplicate Line, and Text to HTML converter options to the Edit - Text menu
  • Upgraded SQLite JDBC driver to version
  • Upgraded hive uber jar to the latest version
Bug Fixes
  • DynamoDB: Tables with lists that contain number, string, or binary sets, or tables with lists of lists that contain those sets throwing errors in the database browser and when trying to query
  • Mac Notarized Version: SQLite connections using SQLiteJDBC throw an unsatisfiedlinkerror
  • Mac Notarized Version: Connections to SQL Server / SQL Azure not working when using the Microsoft SQL Server driver
  • Oracle Create Table Tool: First column size and scale are not editable until switching the data type
  • DB2 Generate Alter Table DDL / Describe Tool: Generated foreign key references may not be correct if the same constraint name is used across multiple tables
  • MySQL Alter Table DDL: Generated foreign key table may be empty

Version 8.3.3:

  • PostgreSQL: Added support for json and jsonb types
  • PostgreSQL Database Conversion: Added support for json and jsonb types
Bug Fixes
  • H2 to MS Access Conversion: H2 bigint data types were not converting to the correct type

Version 8.3.1:

  • Import Tool: Added an option for whether or not to fully qualify table names in generated insert statements for delimited, Excel, and fixed width imports
  • Database Browser: Added support for View Contents - Limit Results for SQLite, HSQLDB, and H2
  • Added an Edit -> Backup User Data menu option for backing up all user specific RazorSQL data such as preferences, connections, etc. to a zip file
  • Query Results: Added a locale specific number formatting option on the Edit -> Preferences -> Query Results screen
  • Associate File: If file is already open on an unconnected and unmodified tab, connect that tab instead of creating a new tab
  • Launch Edit Table Tool from query results: If the query is a select * query and all the results are retrieved, use the already retrieved results for editing instead of re-executing a new query
  • Edit Table Tool: Max rows to retrieve per table now use the connection profile specific max rows setting instead of the global max rows setting from the preferences
  • Edit Table Tool: Query to populate uses a limit clause for certain databases to prevent retrieval of extra rows and improve performance
Bug Fixes
  • Connection Wizard: If profile is deleted, copied, or renamed, profile tree does not update immediately

Version 8.2.5:

  • DynamoDB: Added support for parallel scans with a comment hint syntax. For example, select /*parallel:5:100*/ * from table where id < 10000 5 is the number of parallel threads 100 is the max results returned per thread
  • Salesforce: Describe Table Tool: Added a Reference Table column to the Columns tab
  • Salesforce: Query Builder: Added the ability to add more than one table to select queries
  • Query Results: Create Table from Results: Added option to create table from results on another connection of the same database type
  • Edit Table Tool: Changed so that the table containing the table data always expands to the full size of the window and has a smaller minimum size
  • Auto Reconnect: If database is disconnected, and auto reconnection process works, set the selected database on the connection to the database at the time the connectio was lost instead of the database set on the connection profile
  • Salesforce: Added support for toLabel function in queries
  • PostgreSQL: Changed display of int2, int4, and int8 columns to smallint, integer, and bigint
  • The following files are now handled as zip files when opening: .odb, .odf, and .odt

Version 8.2.0:

  • Ingres: If comments in a query cause an error, RazorSQL will strip them
  • Added support for Java 10 and Java 11 to the Java compiler
  • Registration Screen now provides more information about license eligibility, upgrades, and archived downloads

RazorSQL 8.4.4 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的数据库管理客户端

RazorSQL 8.4.4 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的数据库管理客户端

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