PowerCADD是Apple Macintosh平台的计算机辅助设计和绘图(CADD)软件程序,该程序是在20世纪80年代中期由位于北卡罗来纳州Greensboro的Engineered Software的PowerDraw平台开发的。

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PowerCADD 9.1.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

PowerCADD是一个二维的WYSIWYG绘图程序,主要用于重现手工技术绘图的熟悉程度,具有完整几何工具集(包括bezier)和计算机图形的优点,允许线条艺术和光栅图像的完整组合。 是设计板的完整比喻,提供优雅易学和易于使用的界面,将Imperial和Metric尺寸整合到熟悉的“真实世界”尺度中。 一个名为WildTools的附加工具集由独立程序员开发,为程序带来了许多新功能,包括等距和透视绘图工具。 两者都以“演示”形式提供,以允许动手试用。

PowerCADD & WildTools: Pre-K’ed to use a specific included SN, or any SN of the same length.
Architectural Extensions & Topography Tools: Pre-K’ed to use a specific included SN.

PowerCADD is a computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software program for the Apple Macintosh platform developed from out of the PowerDraw platform of the mid-1980s by Greensboro, North Carolina-based Engineered Software.

PowerCADD is a two-dimensional, WYSIWYG drawing program developed mainly to reproduce the familiarity of manual technical drawing with the advantages of a full geometry tool set (including bezier) and computer graphics, allowing the full mix of line art and raster images. is a full metaphor for the design board, providing an elegant easy to learn and easy to use interface, with the integration of both Imperial and Metric dimensioning in familiar “real world” scales. An add-on tool set, called WildTools, was developed by an independent programmer, bringing a number of new capabilities to the program, including isometric and perspective-drawing tools. Both are available in “demo” form to allow hands-on trial use.

PowerCADD Mac 破解版 计算机辅助设计和绘图(CADD)软件程序

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