Pinegrow Web Designer for Mac 2.5 破解版 - 优秀的网页开发工具

Pinegrow Web Designer 是一款Mac上优秀的网页开发工具,能够快速的建立模型、设计网页、开发网页,支持流行的框架,Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular JS, WordPress 等,用腻了Dreamweaver后可以考虑试试!

[Pinegrow Web Designer 在官网上售价49美元,约合人民币280元]

Pinegrow Web Designer for Mac 2.5 介绍

Pinegrow Web Designer is desktop app that lets you mockup and design webpages faster with multi-page editing, CSS and LESS styling, and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular JS, and WordPress.


Version 2.5:

Note: Pinegrow 2 Standard is a free upgrade for license owners of version 1. Pricing information can be found here.

  • Foundation 6 - Pinegrow now lets you easily create and edit Foundation 6 projects, in addition to Foundation 5, Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS, AngularJS and general HTML.
  • Components, Libraries and Master pages - Pinegrow PRO has lots of powerful features that can make your web development work easier and quicker. In this series of articles we’ll start with simple things and then go deeper. Plus, components have new and improved features:
    • Choose if components are auto-updatable or not (check the tutorials for more)
    • Nested component definitions are supported now
  • WordPress theme builder - Pinegrow provides a very efficient way to build professional WordPress themes and we’re continuing to improve the process.
  • Define multiple master pages with custom headers and footers - With Pinegrow 2.5 you can now have more than one header and footer template in your WordPress theme. Set Define master page action to the top level of your HTML template and you will be able to customize everything that is on top and below the Site content element. This action overrides the Use master page setting on the WordPress site action. If the page is not index.html, page name is used as a slug for the header and footer.
  • Apply master pages to all open files - A real time saver! You can now apply the master page settings to all the open files in Pinegrow editor.
  • Enclose multiple elements in conditional statements - By using the new action

Pinegrow Web Designer for Mac 2.5 破解版 - 优秀的网页开发工具

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