Paw HTTP Client for Mac 2.2.2 破解版 – Mac上实用的HTTP请求测试工具

应网友要求更新。Paw HTTP Client 是一款Mac上的HTTP客户端模拟测试工具,可以让Web开发者设置各种请求Header和参数,模拟发送HTTP请求,测试响应数据,支持OAuth, HTTP Basic Auth, Cookies等,这对于开发Web服务的应用很有帮助,非常实用的一款Web开发辅助工具。

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Paw HTTP Client mac版是一款Mac上的HTTP客户端模拟测试工具,可以让Web开发者设置各种请求Header和参数,模拟发送HTTP请求,测试响应数据,支持OAuth, HTTP Basic Auth, Cookies等,这对于开发Web服务的应用很有帮助,非常实用的一款Web开发辅助工具。


# Bug Fixes

* Fixed high usage of memory and CPU when using completion and keeping focus on text fields

* Prevented paste of newline characters that causes many HTTP bugs

* Added "console.error()" JavaScript API, and improved design of the JS extension console

* Fixed bug when deleting the last existing request

* Fixed OAuth 2 bug when server response is URL encoded

* Fixed many crashes

# New in Paw 2.2

## Pawprint Sharing

Share captured requests & responses online via a permalink so you can show others how an API works or quickly report bugs. The current HTTP exchange (request + response) will be available via a short link (e.g. that you can share on Twitter, StackOverflow, via email or messages. Anyone will be able to re-open the same request locally in Paw (credentials are not shared).

## Import APIs templates

Mashape is a directory of hundreds of free APIs ready to use. You can now search for APIs and import endpoints in your project.

## User Interface Improvements

* Environments can now be edited either in a pop over sheet or an independent panel, leaving more space and improving usability.

* Document title is always displayed along with an handy menu to save, import and export

* Search requests by name, url or method

* Displayed pixel size and type for images

## Extensions JavaScript API Improvements

Dynamically access and modify dynamic values from extensions

## Bug fixes and small additions

* Added support for JSONP

* Improved HTTP / HTTPS connection speed and request time calculation

* Fixed crash when inserting some characters using various keyboards

* Fixed bug that prevented the app from saving preferences under some circumstances

* Fixed freeze when saving the document many times quickly

* Fixed crash when inserting headers with newlines

* Improved performance when displaying large requests or responses

* Fixed other random crashes


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