MotionComposer for Mac 1.8.2 破解版 – Mac上优秀的Flash和HTML5动画制作工具

应网友要求更新。 MotionComposer 是一款Mac上的Flash和HTML5动画制作工具,,MotionComposer最大的特点是简单易用,并且同时支持HTML5,不需要任何的编码,同时导出Flash和HTML 5动画,让其支持所有的浏览器和各个平台,非常不错!

[MotionComposer 在官网上售价29美元,约合人民币180元]

MotionComposer 介绍

With MotionComposer, create engaging Web content and run it anywhere!

Make it universal. MotionComposer empowers you to create engrossing animations and interactive content that will run on any platform, from your desktop to your tablet to your phone. Finally, you have the flexibility to deliver content to devices of all shapes and sizes -- MotionComposer makes it work!

Flexibility, built right in. If a Web browser supports Flash, MotionComposer utilizes it; if not MotionComposer automatically plays your content as HTML5. It's that simple -- with Motion Composer, cross-client compatibility is always a given.

Feature-rich, for your convenience

  • No coding required. Period.
  • Animate text and images for fluid, user-engaging content.
  • Ideal for enabling user-generated content on your landing page.
  • A clear user interface simplifies the animation process.
  • Render both Flash and HTML5 content in a single step.
  • Optimized HTML5 ensures top-notch performance on iPhone and iPad.


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