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MockFlow 1.4.5 Mac 破解版 介绍

The #1 wireframing software ! Now available on App Store !!


MockFlow is the quickest way to turn any User Interface ideas into designs. You can use MockFlow for sketching UI ideas, prototype websites/apps and also as a whiteboard presentation tool.

Important Features:


* Over 100 built-in UI components for brainstorming websites, mobile apps, sketchy hand-drawn interfaces

* Thousands of UI icons for all categories

* Draw tool with lines, marker, shapes, eraser

* Special UI Annotation components - Arrow, CallOut, Note, Bracket, Tooltip

* Master pages for reusing content

* Specs mode for viewing component level specifications

* Integrated page manager with sitemap

Editor features:


* Unlimited Undo/Redo

* Cut/copy/paste

* Layering objects

* Image functions - effects, shadow

* Group components

* Lock/Un-lock components

* Zoom canvas

* Infinite canvas that automatically resizes based on content

* Grid settings - 960grid, mesh grid, canvas background

* Export to PNG

and much more...

Happy Wireframing :-)

For any questions contact

MockFlow Mac 破解版 原型设计工具

MockFlow Mac 破解版 原型设计工具

MockFlow Mac 破解版 原型设计工具

MockFlow Mac 破解版 原型设计工具

MockFlow Mac 破解版 原型设计工具

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