Mitti Mac 破解版 专业视频播放解决方案

2019-12-22 1.5.5 2,354 0


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Mitti 1.5.5 Mac 破解版 介绍

Mitti 是一个现代化的,功能丰富而易用的专业视频提示播放解决方案为剧院,视听节目,表演和展览。


What's New in Mitti

Version 1.5.6:

What's new?
  • Pause at End is default for new installations
  • Added option to Auto-Extend Mono files to Stereo
  • Hide Mouse Cursor on Fullscreen Outputs
  • Added option to start Mitti on Timecode-Slave mode
  • NDI 4.1 support
  • Added new Crop.fs Video Effect that allows cropping from sides
  • Added new Color Controls.fs Video Effect
  • Removed the option to auto-transcode legacy (32bit) media
  • Panic with Rewind restarts playback of the Cue sometimes
  • In certain circumstances Enter does not start playback
  • Playlist Loop not working right after importing a Cue when Pause at End is enabled
  • Looping is broken when using LOAD as the JUMP action
  • Jumping from a looping and Pause at End-ed Cue may breaks playback
  • Jumping and play/trigger from a Pause at End-ed Cue will mark the next Cue as Current anyway
  • Audio Cue names include full path
  • Random white screen "flash" when going to Fullscreen
  • Cannot render alpha correctly of some files
  • Auto-scroll does not working as expected
  • Cannot load .gif still images
  • ISF effects with "Imported" images do not working
  • Cue-level Audio Routing always shows "Project's Default" after project loading even if it uses "Custom"
  • If Metal is not supported, an error dialog should present
  • Multiple audio devices with the same name won't be listed
Mitti Mac 破解版 专业视频播放解决方案-麦氪搜(

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