Mettle Flux for mac是一款安装在After Effects中使用的ae抽象梦幻背景生成插件,Mettle Flux mac破解版能够快速生成梦幻流动的背景动画,比如银河星云效果、3D火焰抽象梦幻背景等,你可以自由调节参数!

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Mettle Flux 1.11.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Mettle Flux是适用于After Effects和Premiere Pro的360°3D体积分形火焰。

Mettle Flux可以创建令人困扰和美丽的背景,星云等。我们利用了分形火焰的美丽,使它们易于使用,具有体积和GPU加速功能。

Creating haunting and beautiful backgrounds, Nebulas, and much more. We have harnessed the beauty of fractal flames, made them easy-to-use, Volumetric, and GPU accelerated.

Formats: Flat (Rectilinear), 360/VR Monoscopic and Stereoscopic O/U and SBS

Preset Panel for one click application of animations

Additional presets in FLUX Effects Control Panel in After Effects

Mettle Globe Preview Panel to work and view results in 360°

Customize with: Force Field, Mutations, Iterations, Evolutions, Lights, Symmetry

GPU Accelerated, with Volumetric Rendering

Supports native After Effects 3D camera

Built-in camera for After Effects and Premiere Pro

AE插件 Mettle Flux Mac 破解版 3D分形火焰效果Pr/AE插件

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