Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

Mail Designer Pro 3 是一款Mac上优秀邮件模板设计工具,增加了大量新的功能,Mail Designer不仅仅因为其提供了大量精美的模板,而是提供了响应式模板设计的工具,大大简化了响应式邮件模板的设计工作,能够让我们不需要编码就设计出能够在电脑和手机上都样式良好的邮件,设计的模板支持PC、iPhone、iPad、iWatch等设备!

[Mail Designer Pro 3 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币328元]

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 介绍

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+++ Featured by Apple under 'Apps we Love' +++

Create stunning responsive mobile- and desktop email newsletters with Mail Designer Pro. Designing state-of-the-art newsletters has never been easier.

Today, most emails are read on mobile devices. Mail Designer Pro is the only app that lets you create design stunning mobile-ready, responsive newsletters for desktop and mobile devices, no HTML programming required.

New in Mail Designer Pro 3:

  • Pixel-perfect graphics tools
  • Desktop retina image support
  • Send desktop Mails directly with Apple Mail
  • Font Weights support
  • Background reposition and zoom
  • Desktop email previews
  • Improved HTML export workflow
  • Now over 70 Design Ideas: Templates for Sales, Announcements, Events & Transactional mails
  • Updated HTML engine: Fully compatible with all major email apps and services
  • Quick tips in the app: Learn to use Mail Designer Pro in minutes with our quick tips documents

Mail Designer Pro 3 Highlights:

  • Design mobile-responsive mails for the latest iPhones
  • Live preview: See your responsive design on the latest iPhones and iPads
  • All 70+ included design templates are fully mobile-responsive
  • With retina image support

Send stunning Retina mobile emails

  • Create emails with high-resolution retina graphics for desktop devices and smartphones
  • Mail Designer Pro automatically creates retina-ready versions of your photos and graphics
  • Retina check automatically detects low-resolution graphics so everything appears crisp on retina screens

500+ web-fonts for your mails

  • Design with more than 500 web-fonts for unlimited creative freedom
  • Web fonts work in all modern email apps, including Mail on iPhone and iPad
  • Choose fallback-fonts for classic email apps

Flexible layout design

  • Design multi-column emails or newsletters with drag-and-drop
  • Easily add photos and pictures
  • HTML-emails without HTML-Coding
  • Use Styles for easy editing and changes

Boost open rates with Inbox optimize

  • Craft a custom inbox preview snippet for your email
  • Optimize your subject line and custom inbox preview to boost open rates

Powerful built-in design tools & images

  • Add animated GIFs and eye-catchers
  • Add links to your videos with automatic thumbnails for YouTube & Vimeo
  • Easily design buttons and callouts


  • Checks your email for common issues
  • Helps you optimize image quality
  • No more broken links

Artwork included for your next design

  • Over 70 professional design templates for design inspiration
  • Hundreds of layout elements, buttons, graphics,
  • Social media icons and call-to-action buttons included

Designed for OS X El Capitan

  • Designed to work beautifully with Split View in OS X El Capitan
  • Sidebar controls offer quick access to Content and Formatting features

Works with:

  • Apple Mail (desktop layout only)
  • MailChimp & Campaign Monitor
  • Other email service providers via HTML export
  • Send directly via your email account
  • Export as a PDF
  • Export as a website

Questions? Get in touch!

We can’t wait to see what you create with Mail Designer Pro 3! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Your equinux Mail Designer Pro 3 Team

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

Mail Designer Pro 3 for Mac 3.0 破解版 - 优秀邮件模板设计工具

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