IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 激活版 - 图标快速生成工具

IconKit 是一款Mac上实用的多分辨率图标快速生成工具,主要用于帮助iOS开发者快速的生成不同分辨率图标,你只需要用一张制作好的1024*1024像素的图片,直接生成符合iPhone、iPad以及Retina分辨率的图标,省去你手动缩放图标的时间,非常实用的开发辅助工具。

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IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 介绍


你只需绘制一个 512 x 512的图标图像,然后就可以使用这款程序对它进行各种加工,支持图标 Rounder, 光泽,调整大小,和视网膜减速。


Do you want to include all of your app icons at the correct sizes without having to resize every single one manually? Are you tired of confusing apps?

IconKit brings you a great new experience of icon generator for developers and designers, just drag your image into IconKit to start.


  • Export icons for iOS 6-10, watchOS 1-2, CarPlay, Messages (Stickers) Application and Mac based on the latest version of Xcode icon set (currently Xcode 8.0 Beta)
  • Support for Android mipmap and drawable icon sets
  • Preview your icons before export
  • Tired of assigning every single icon in Xcode? Generate AppIcon.appiconset including properly formatted JSON file for Asset Catalogs
  • Reduction of @2x or @3x icons to 1x scale factor with a tiny tool called ScaleReducer right on your status bar.

IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 激活版 - 图标快速生成工具

IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 激活版 - 图标快速生成工具

IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 激活版 - 图标快速生成工具

IconKit for Mac 8.0.1 激活版 - 图标快速生成工具

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