Jitouch for Mac 2.71 序号版 - 好用的鼠标手势及触摸板增强软件

Jitouch是一款Mac上强大的触控板和触控鼠标的手势增强工具,支持macOS 10.12 Sierra新系统,Jitouch支持为全部应用或某个应用自定义手势,一个非常强大的功能是字符手势功能,如在触控板上画个字母“B”,就会打开浏览器,软件的手势分为Trackpad、Magic Mouse和Character,你可以自定义任何手势,如暂停/播放iTunes、打开QQ、新建文档等等操作,非常的强大和好用!

[Jitouch 在官网上售价7.99美元,约合人民币50元]

Jitouch for Mac 2.71 介绍

Jitouch is an application that expands the set of Multi-Touch gestures for the new MacBook and the new Magic Mouse. These thoughtfully designed gestures will enable you to perform frequent tasks more easily such as changing tabs in Web browsers, closing windows, minimizing windows, changing Spaces, and a lot more.

Jitouch also fulfills many missing functions for your Mac, for example, the middle click for the Trackpad and Magic Mouse, the full-screen maximizing function, arranging windows side by side just like Windows 7 but way faster, moving and resizing windows by grabbing anywhere on the window, showing desktop and Exposé gestures for the Magic Mouse, and much more.

Character Gestures is a new feature in Jitouch 2 that allows you to invoke commands by drawing an English letter or a simpler gesture such as up, right, up-right, etc.

Unlike any other software you've seen, Jitouch combines the capability of multi-touch and a character recognition system together to let you draw gestures anywhere, anytime on the trackpad without a need to first draw a "listening" gesture or use the other hand to press modifier keys. Our gestures are simply better and faster to perform compared to other approaches that take twice as many steps.

Please visit our website to see all features and lists of gestures at http://www.jitouch.com.

Jitouch for Mac 2.71 破解版 - 好用的鼠标手势及触摸板增强软件

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