StatsCenter for Mac 1.4 激活版 - 优秀的系统监控通知中心工具

StatsCenter 是一款Mac上优秀的系统监控通知中心工具,可以在通知中心中监控系统的状态,包含CPU、内存、硬盘、电池、网络等等信息,很实用!

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StatsCenter for Mac 1.4 介绍

StatsCenter is a fantastic and comprehensive tool for your Mac that lets you monitor real time system statistics. The app runs as a widget under the Today view tab of your Mac’s Notification Center.

  • With StatsCenter, you get real time system stats (with full Retina support) for the following wide array of modules:
  • System Performance - User and System Performance, displayed as percentages in a moving line graph
  • Disk Usage - Total Disk Usage levels and how much space is free on your system
  • Memory Usage - Color coded graphical display of App Memory, Wired, Compressed, Used, File Cache and Total Memory
  • Network Activity - External IP, Local IP and Network In/Out information
  • Battery Stats - Current Charge Level, Battery Age, Battery Health, Cycles Run, Current and Original Max Levels
  • The app allows you to reorder the modules in any order you wish, and you can also choose to toggle on/off any of the modules that you desire to your preferences.

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StatsCenter for Mac 1.4 下载

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