Ink2Go Mac 破解版 屏幕标注和录制工具

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Ink2Go 是一款简单强大的屏幕标注和录制工具。使用Ink2Go for Mac,您可以轻松地在桌面上将当前活动的页面置顶到任何其他应用程序之上,甚至在运行的视频上。然后,您可以将注释保存为图片文件,甚至将注释过程录制为视频进行分享。

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Ink2Go 1.8.0 Mac 破解版 介绍


Ink2Go is a screen annotation and recording solution that lets you write on top of your active desktop applications in real time. Save your annotations as image files or even record the entire annotation process as a sharable video!


  • Stylish and Precise Presentations
  • Illustrate your ideas during live sessions
  • Create informative video tutorials
  • Share Mac tips with your friends and family
  • Communicate technical issues to support professionals
  • Far-reaching Annotation Options
  • Write on, draw on or highlight any desktop content from any app, from a browser-based webpage to a slideshow or running video
  • Capture your annotated desktop display as a high-quality image
  • Smart and Simple Screen Recording
  • Record your desktop and annotations as real-time video
  • Add helpful voice-over to your presentation
  • Target and zoom in on specific regions of the screen for added clarity
  • Pause and resume your recording session at will
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