iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

iCaching是地理学家不可或缺的工具。使用iCaching(一种快速的本机Mac应用程序)导入,整理,管理,浏览和导出您的geocaches。在Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra.测试通过。

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iCaching for Mac 7.0 介绍

iCaching is an indispensable tool for geocachers with a Mac. Import, organize, manage, explore, export and log your geocaches with iCaching! A native, fast Mac App.

====== Import ======

Import GPX- or LOC-files using the import button, or drag and drop them into iCaching.

Import Pocket Queries directly from Geocaching.com from the Pocket Query window. iCaching also notifies you when new PQs are ready for download.

Each Pocket Query will be imported into it's own folder.

iCaching also supports the Geocaching Live API. You can query geocaches from Geocaching.com using all kinds of filters.

====== Organize, manage and explore ======

Explore your geocache library with the special 'Library'-folders. View your finds, favorited caches and so on. Sort on all properties of the caches.

You can easily add folders and organize your geocaches with drag and drop. Each cache has only one instance in the database.

The tabs under the geocache list show the different aspects of the selected geocache. The Info tab shows the metadata. In this tab you can also add your own note, corrected coordinates, like or dislike a cache and add or remove Favorites.

The description tab shows the offline description. The Webpage tab shows the geocache page on Geoaching.com.

The additional waypoints (for multi's) are show on the waypoints tab, with descriptions and a map.

Logs are shown on the logs-tab. Every time you import a new version of the same geocache, new logs are added to the loglist.

The last tab shows the Images that are related to the cache. You can easily export them to Garmin devices for reference 'in the field'.'

The Map window displays geocache(s) and additional waypoints on a map. This map is interactive; select caches or waypoints on the map to view their properties in iCaching and vice-versa. You can switch between map types, including Open Street Maps.

An extended search window helps you to sort out caches by all properties of the cache. You can save your filter as a Smart Folder, for later use.

iCaching can contain multiple home- or centerlocations and calculates distance and bearing from there for all geocaches on the fly.

GCVote is build in. iCaching queries for GCVote on every import, and you can rate a cache on GCVote when you have a GCVote-account.

====== Export ======

iCaching can export to GPX, GGZ, CSV and to a lot of other file-formats

You can also export directly to a whole list of GPS-devices (Garmin, Magellan, DeLorme), including paperless devices like e.g. Garmins Oregon series.

====== Logging ======

After a cache trip, easily log your finds with iCaching. You can read the visits file from your paperless GPS.

iCaching also provides the ability to log Travelbugs and to add pictures to your logs.


To make usage of the entire range of iCaching functionalities you need a premium membership at geocaching.com

If you have feature-wishes or discovered something that doesn't work as expected, please contact us! You'll always get a response.

And of course: if you like iCaching, recommend it with a review!

In short, happy caching with iCaching!


Version 7.0:

  • Geocaches close to each other appear now clustered on the map. This also vastly improves the speed of the map with large amounts of geocaches.
  • New Library cleanup function to easily purge archived and/or old geocaches and logs.
  • iCaching now uses the new round geocache icons
  • When importing a field notes file containing geocaches that are not in iCaching, the cache names and types are retrieved via the api
  • The API window now has the new API logo
  • Various small issues

iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

iCaching for Mac 7.0 破解版 - Mac上排名第一个Geocaching工具

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