GuideGuide for Mac是一款划参考线神器,支持运行在Photoshop、Illustrator等软件中使用,Guideguide for mac版可以帮助用户绘制出精准的参考线,支持实用选区工具。

[GuideGuide 在官网售价 267.00元/年]

GuideGuide 5.0.20 Mac 破解版 介绍

GuideGuide 5.0.20 are a pain. GuideGuide is the Photoshop and Illustrator panel that makes working with guides painless. GuideGuide has been saving design time since 2010. During its early days as a free plugin, it was Photoshop’s most installed extension.

GuideGuide Features:

  • Add guides based on the canvas, artboards, selected layers, or your selection.
  • Quickly add guides to edges and midpoints.
  • Clear canvas, artboard, horizontal, vertical, or specific guides.
  • Duplicate guides to other artboards and documents.
  • Create custom grids that are too complex for other grid tools.
  • Save the grids you use the most and share them with others.

Compatible with PS & AI 2020

GuideGuide Mac 破解版 Ai-PS参考辅助线插件

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