Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

应网友要求更新。 Tonality Pro 是一款Mac上强大的图片黑白滤镜工具,内置了150多种专业强大的黑白滤镜,简单易用,支持作为图片Photos应用的插件调用,除了可以独立运行外,还支持作为 Adobe PhotoShop, Lightroom, Apple Aperture、照片等软件的插件使用!

[Tonality 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币68元]

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 介绍

Mega holiday sale: over 40% off.

Tonality is the world's most advanced monochrome photo editor, built exclusively for Mac. Now faster, more powerful and more creatively stunning than ever before. Plus you can use Tonality as Photos extension.

"Best of 2014", "Editors' Choice" and over 20 other software awards.

Are you often moved by the clarity and emotion portrayed in Black and White photography? Are you often disappointed by your own Black and White photos? Tonality gives you the power and control to create beautiful photos, no matter your experience level.

Top Features


Tonality is a fully featured, image editing environment. Stack effects using layers, selectively edit photos, and improve clarity, grain and structure without leaving the app.


Choose from over 150 professionally developed presets and apply any style with just one click. With Tonality, both editing pros and editing novices can make their shots look incredible in just seconds.


Selective color and toning controls give your black and white photos depth beyond color. Make your photos pop with additional glow or lens blue emulation.


Whether enthusiast or professional, Tonality supports all popular image formats. There’s even a proprietary 16-Bit RAW handling processor to make sure your photos look their best.

Redefine and transform with Tonality, putting emotion back into your photos.


BIG NEWS - Tonality now works as the extension for Photos in OS X El Capitan.
Enjoy the improved experience, faster editing and amazing results.

Other improvements include minor bug fixes.

Thank you for using Tonality by Macphun.

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

Tonality for Mac 1.3.0 激活版 - 强大的图片黑白滤镜工具

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