Findings Mac版是一款专为科学家开发的笔记本电脑软件,可以帮助用户记录实验步骤、实验结果,非常专业。Findings 破解版的目的很简单:让你的电脑成为比纸张更好的工具来帮助实验并记录,还可以体验到内置计时器和精确的秒表等功能的设计,支持同步自动备份Dropbox,实用又方便,有效提高办公效率!

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Findings for Mac 2.0.3 介绍


What's New

Version 2.0.3:

  • Better layout and user interface for placeholder attachments. Placeholder attachments can be inserted in protocols, to have an empty, clickable box for future insertion of an attachment.
  • More consistent user interface for the registration workflow.
  • Deleting the entire line for an attachment paragraph only clears the legend text, without deleting the whole paragraph.
  • Insertion of text happening in the wrong place when pasting multiple paragraphs.
  • Correct handling of new lines when pasting multiple paragraphs.
  • Do not delete the content of the current paragraph when inserting a day header.
  • Avoids inserting an empty line at the beginning of a protocol insertion.
  • Properly refresh the day indicator for newly inserted protocols.
  • Properly restore indentation level when undoing deletion of bullet or number list.
  • Correctly highlights the style indicator when selecting multiple lines (bold, italic, etc).
  • Properly inactivate the buttons in the filter bar when hidden.
  • All menu items were disabled in the calendar range popup in the journal view.
  • Issue with license code sometimes not taken into account to disable the inclusion of a link to the Findings website in the preferences.

Findings for Mac 2.0.3 破解版 - 实验记录应用

Findings for Mac 2.0.3 破解版 - 实验记录应用

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