Easy Sketch Pro 3 for Mac 3.0.1 破解版 - 超好用的手绘动画制作软件

应网友要求更新。 Easy Sketch Pro 3 是一款Mac上超好用的手绘动画制作软件,能够让我们快速的制作出手绘动画视频,软件内置的大量素材和手,超级容易,支持导入为MP4视频格式,非常的棒!

[Easy Sketch Pro 3 在官网上售价297美元,约合人民币1800元]

Easy Sketch Pro 3 for Mac 3.0.1 介绍

Easy Sketch Pro 3 is the second version of Easy Sketch Pro software that was first created on 2nd June. It is software that will give you the ability to quickly create as many as animated sketch videos as you would like by using drag and Drop interface.

What Are Easy Sketch Pro 3 Features?

  • Easy Sketch Pro 3 will enable you to create animated sketch videos and cartoon videos .
  • It exports all your created videos into standard easy formats.
  • You can get high amount of traffic to your site and build your social brand by uploading your created videos to video sharing sites such as Vimeo,YouTube, dailymotion and also social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and get high amount of followers and fans to your profiles, promoting high converting affiliate products on Amazon and other networks and using them for local clients as well.
  • You can simply edit your objects.
  • You can quickly add objects to create a timeline for your videos.
  • You will have the choice to add your own voice or select from big collection of music that will come with Easy Sketch Pro 3 .
  • Easy Sketch Pro 3 comes with new effects like Pens, Brushes, Chalk, Crayons, styles and more than 50 Hands. You can choose the exact style or feature to match the audiences who you want to target in your videos.
  • You can use the software with both of Mac and Windows system .
  • It is a simple to use video creating software and it is a downloadable ( you will need an internet connection when you first log into the software).

Easy Sketch Pro 3 for Mac 3.0.1 破解版 - 超好用的手绘动画制作软件

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