Disk Map Mac 破解版 Mac上直观的显示磁盘空间占用状态的工具

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Disk Map 是一款和DaisyDisk类似的工具,用于图形化显示磁盘空间的占用状态,DaisyDisk以饼形图的形式展示,Disk Map以矩形框的形式展示,可以指定任意的目录进行分析,能够直观的显示出哪个目录或文件占用了多少的空间。

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Disk Map 2.5 Mac 破解版 介绍

Disk Map makes it easy to visualize the files and folders that are cluttering up your storage drives. It enables you to quickly locate, delete or compress large files and folders on your hard drive and reclaim valuable space. The app quickly scans your drives to build a stunning treemap visual display of files and folders on your computer, allowing you to easily navigate through your file system and find out what is taking up the most space.

Key Features

  • A gorgeous Retina-optimised UI design
  • Support for scanning both internal and external hard drives (including selected folders within these drives)
  • Zoom in/out of folders
  • Open files/folders in Finder
  • Quick Look support
  • Five beautiful and pleasing treemap colour schemes to choose from
  • Ignore specified file formats and folders
  • Specify a minimum file size to scan for
  • Compress files at the click of a button
  • Delete items to Trash Can or permanently according to your requirements
  • Hide/Show system and hidden files via the app's preferences
  • Hit the Reload button to refresh folders without the need to perform a new scan

What's New in Disk Map

Version 2.5:

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.4:

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3:

  • Bug fixes
Disk Map Mac 破解版 Mac上直观的显示磁盘空间占用状态的工具-麦氪搜(iMacso.com)
Disk Map Mac 破解版 Mac上直观的显示磁盘空间占用状态的工具-麦氪搜(iMacso.com)

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