Deskovery Mac 破解版 窗口预览和管理工具

Deskovery 可以很容易地找到你想要的所有打开的窗口的窗口,只需移动鼠标,查看所有打开窗口的完整列表,选择一个并将其移动到前一个单一的点击。

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Deskovery 3.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Deskovery makes it easy to find the window you want out of all your open windows, just move your mouse to see the full list of all open windows, select one and move it to front in a single click.

Stop wasting time aligning windows, with Deskovery your windows are magnetic. Windows snap neatly to screen edges. Deskovery also lets you resize windows with one click. Click on the zoom button, drag to the preferred size and position, release mouse button, that's all!

  • Simpler to install and to use: Fully compatible with El Capitan and Sierra (and SIP). No need to install, just launch it.
  • Dock previews: allow to directly see in the Dock, windows previews.
  • Space switcher: Directly see in with Space you are and switch in one click!
  • Updated window shading, with custom shading heights and apps exlusion list.
  • Drag to size: just drag and drop to reisze your windows
  • Modern UI: The UI has been completely redesigned. These are some of the main new features. Deskovery 3 has been rewritten mostly from scratch and also brings a ton of small
  • enhancements.

What's new in Deskovery

Version 3.2:

  • Unability to unshade windows on multi-monitors configurations
  • Issue with resize panel
  • Shading issues with Chrome

Deskovery Mac 破解版 - 窗口预览和管理工具

Deskovery 3.3 Mac 破解版 下载

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