Colibri Mac 破解版 优秀的无损音乐播放器

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Colibri 是一款Mac上优秀的无损音乐播放器,占用内存极少却能够无损播放,支持FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA and WavPack等无损格式,非常的强大!

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Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 介绍



What's New in Colibri

Version 1.9.1:

  • Volume is now automatically raised to 100% for DSD files when DoP/DoPA mode is selected and restored to previous volume level for non-DSD files (and PCM mode)
  • Unsupported DST encoded DSD and DTS encoded WAV files will now show proper Unsupported Codec error messages
  • Finder sorting order is used to enqueueing files to the Playlist
  • Playlist will be rendered with system default monospace font when available (macOS 10.11 and up)
  • Added a 'Use Default SoundFont' option for MIDI files to the right-click context menu of the Playlist
  • Removing the default SoundFont will automatically set the next available SoundFont as the default
  • If the SoundFont list is empty, then the first SoundFont will automatically be marked as the default
  • Removing a SoundFont only causes playback restart if the currently played song is affected by the removal
  • Importing a new SoundFont will automatically set it as the default
  • New switchable option in Settings -> Playlist: "Dragging to the Playlist via Mouse / Trackpad":
    • Songs will be added at pointer position (insert)
    • Songs will be added at the end of the list (append, like before)
  • Added 'Permanent Pause' to Settings -> Behavior (Off, by default):
    • Pause will 'hold' until the Play button is pressed again
    • Switching to a different song will 'arm'/prepare the song for playback
    • Seeking repositions the playhead and it will play audio from the selected spot once unpaused
    • Removing songs from the playlist does not affect the paused state
  • Added 'Auto-Play' to Settings -> Behavior (On, by default):
    • On: Colibri automatically plays the next song
    • Off: Colibri stops when the current song ends
  • New tab in Settings: Columns
  • Columns are now sortable:
    • Click on the header once to sort playlist by that column
    • Double click switches between Ascending/Descending sorting
  • New Columns:
    • Length, kHz, Codec, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, Composer and Bit Depth
  • Playlist can now have vertical and horizontal Grids:
    • Useful for reordering / resizing
    • Set the color in Settings -> Themes
  • New Loop option 'Random Round Robin' in Settings -> Playlist:
    • Each song in the Playlist will be played once per "round"
    • When all songs were played once, a new "round" begins
  • Monospace system fonts in Title bar and Status bar (10.11 and up)

Version 1.9:

  • BASS has been updated to 2.4.14
  • DSD playback has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • DSD PCM mode will automatically use highest supported sample rate
  • Settings -> Output has revamped DSD and Sample Rate Switching sections
  • Audio core has been further optimized for multi-threaded playback
  • Improved gapless playback compatibility with BASSZXTUNE
  • Further decreased memory usage when preloading next song
  • Device disconnect handling has been enhanced: reconnect your device and hit play! The default output is used as fallback should the device still be missing.
Bugs fixed:
  • Selected audio output should now properly be retained on restart
  • Menu Bar Controller would not properly update song info on track changes
  • Pre-amp would not restore properly when switching profiles
  • Empty playlist when adding from Finder wouldn't work
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn't work properly with USB DACs
  • DSD DoP / DoP AA modes would not work
  • DSD sample rate would stay fixed at 88.2 kHz in PCM mode
  • Pause wouldn't work during DSD playback
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn't work properly with Exclusive / Hog mode
  • Pressing Previous during DSD playback wouldn't work as expected
  • Playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file could cause Colibri to crash
  • Playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file with 0 dB enabled wouldn't restore the system volume
  • Attempting to play DST encoded DSD files would cause Colibri to crash (DST encoding is still unsupported!)
  • Preloaded DSD files would not properly raise the volume if requested
  • DSD playback with pre-cache would always properly show the total time of the song
  • Preloaded channel wouldn't always properly set the internal mixer's sample rate
  • DSD playback would sometimes disable the volume slider even without 0dB option being enabled
  • Pre-cache wouldn't work while Force Sample Rate is enabled
  • Pre-cache trigger wouldn't properly fire with very high resolution DSD files
  • Colibri would sometimes crash on quitting
  • Importing SF2/SFZ MIDI SoundFont would cause a crash
  • ColibriTheme file association would not properly register with Finder
  • Fixed a crash regarding file loading and removal
  • Removing multiple files one by one could cause a crash

Version 1.8.11:

  • Added Help -> Show Debug Log, where you can see what happens under the hood with your DAC
  • Added Themes support (Settings -> Themes)
  • Themes can be imported system-wide by using colibritheme:///Users/username/theme.colibriTheme
  • Switching between Audio Devices during playback continues playback on the selected device
  • Audio Output falls back to System Default if saved device is not found
  • Added ZXTune support as a switchable option (Settings -> Behavior)
  • Added SeekBar animation smoothness switchable option
  • Song Preload now sends an extra wake-up signal to external drives
  • Added MP3/MP2 support to Cue Sheet index processing
  • Better support for files with broken headers
  • When Colibri's window loses focus the playlist cursor no longer turns to gray
  • Added Menu Bar Song information display (Settings -> Display)
  • Added "play the first new song if nothing is playing" to Settings -> Playlist
  • Added 'Set volume to 0 dB for DSD' with automatic volume level restoral for non-DSD files
  • Added 'DAC and CoreAudio bridging mode' for DSD
  • Added option to select fallback frequency
  • Added 'Force Sample Rate' option
  • Supported sample rates by CoreAudio are now visible within Settings -> Output
  • System default output is used if saved device goes missing
  • Better handling of adding multiple files at once
  • Colibri's main window title now properly centers itself
  • Status Bar update redraw cycles have been reduced
  • Status Bar now serves as a messaging pipeline too: background progresses can briefly be seen there, such as: state of scanning files, analyzing song lengths for total time statistics and file loading & enqueuing progression
  • As per requirements, Colibri is now 64-bit only
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching has been completely rewritten and is now fixed
  • Automatic Sample Rate Switching now properly happens with preloaded files
  • Dropping files on top of Colibri's main window now properly adds them
  • Fixed a typo in BS2B settings
  • 'Open Network Stream' now accepts CMD + V for pasting the network address
  • Updated support email in About window
  • Default EQ is now properly restored when Colibri is opened
  • Total time in the main window title bar wouldn't always be accurate while seeking
  • Song info wouldn't update when Right/Ctrl-clicking on Colibri in the Dock
  • MIDI bank switching wouldn't always be seamless
  • BS2B Settings page could cause a crash by simultaneously clearing and assigning a profile
  • Dark / Light theme did not properly update the default album art cover
  • Deleting multiple songs did not always properly recalculate the statistics
  • Moving horizontally with the keyboard left and right keys was disabled while an Open/Save dialog was open - instead, Colibri would seek forward/backward
  • Loading a playlist file would cause the Sandbox window to constantly pop up
  • Saving a playlist with at least one network stream in it would cause it not be restored properly on loading
  • resetting BS2B data didn't always update the text within Settings -> BS2B
  • song statistic calculations could go haywire when a song with corrupt header was present
  • loading folders with multiple folders wouldn't always start the playback even though autostart was enabled
  • Volume wouldn't always properly restore itself between sessions
  • Playlist background color could cause some clipping issues
  • FLAC files wouldn't always reload their album arts if Album Art was disabled then re-enabled during playback
  • Network streams would cause preload to stop playback instead of continuing
  • 'silently add them to the list' wouldn't always work with a folders mixed with files
  • Deleting thousands of files from the playlist at once is way faster than before (although the Sandbox entitlements still have to be revoked one by one)
Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的无损音乐播放器
Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的无损音乐播放器
Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的无损音乐播放器
Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的无损音乐播放器
Colibri 1.9.1 Mac 破解版 - 优秀的无损音乐播放器

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