CloudTV 是一款Mac上全球电视播放工具,可以播放全球400多个频道,(英国、爱尔兰、美国、法国、瑞士、比利时、意大利、希腊、葡萄牙等),很不错!

[CloudTV 在官网上售价11美元,约合人民币66元]

CloudTV for Mac 3.9.6 介绍

CloudTV for Mac是一款在线电视直播应用,可让您观看来自世界各地的超过800个直播电视频道,以及从英国和法国下载数以千计的追赶节目,并带有智能播放列表和AirPlay支持。

CloudTV allows you to watch over 400 live TV channels from all over the world, as well as download thousands of catch-up programmes from the UK and France, complete with smart playlists and support for AirPlay.

What's New in CloudTV

Version 3.9.6

  • Added US channels Charge, Stadium, TBD
  • Updated Greek channels ERT 1, ERT 3, ERT Play 1, Ant 1, Star, Alpha, Skai, RIK Sat, Blue Sky, Action 24, Zougl@, Nea TV, Aigaio TV
  • Fixed an issue with Gulli’s catchup/li>

CloudTV for Mac 3.9.6 破解版 - 全球电视播放工具

CloudTV for Mac 3.9.6 下载

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