Elasty Mac 破解版 简易的电影工具箱

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Elasty for Mac是一款简易的电影工具箱,这款软件能够自定义Mac OS X上具有许多高级功能的电影。用户可以从任何来源导入各种视频格式,然后对这些视频素材进行简单的编辑。Elasty渲染的电影采用QuickTime格式,可以在Final Cut Pro或iMovie中进行进一步的合成。

[Elasty 在官网售价 49.95 美元]

Elasty 2.0.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Elasty是一个“电影工具箱”,用于自定义Mac OS X上具有许多高级功能的电影。您可以从任何来源导入各种图像格式,包括直接访问iPhoto和iMovie媒体。您也可以直接在Elasty中使用iSight导入图片或动画。您甚至可以导入自己的Quartz Composer效果。渲染的电影采用QuickTime格式,可以在Final Cut Pro或iMovie中进行进一步的合成。

Elasty is a Movie Toolbox for customizing movies on Mac OS X with many advanced features.

  • Image Adjustments: Crop, Rotate, Flip
  • Automatic and Manual Movie Stabilization
  • Motion Tracking (with probe insertion)
  • Scene Breaks (with probe deactivation and reactivation)
  • Special Effects Library (Blur, Color, Distortion, Particles...)
  • Separate Rendering for Sound and Image
  • Entire or Partial Movie Rendering
  • Retiming (fast motion and slow motion) preserving the sound pitch and naturalness.

You can imagine 1001 ways to customize movies using Elasty's features:

  • Stabilize a movie so that you can watch it in a more convenient way
  • Rotate a movie which was recorded in portrait mode when it should have been in landscape mode
  • Add an African mask, hippie glasses or bad boys tattoos on your brother's face
  • Make your sister look like an alien
  • Add a movie of yourself next to your favorite actor
  • Define a blur zone that will follow somebody's eyes
  • Emit particles from moving objects
  • Add beating hearts around your best friends at their wedding
  • Change the speed of some parts to emphasize the importance of what's happening...

You can import various image formats from any sources, including direct access to your iPhoto and iMovie media. You can also use your iSight, directly from within Elasty, to import a picture or animation. You can even import your own Quartz Composer effects.

The rendered movie is in QuickTime format, enabling further composition in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

Elasty Mac 破解版 简易的电影工具箱

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