CleanApp 5 for Mac 5.1.2 序号版 - 优秀的应用卸载和清理工具


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CleanApp 5 for Mac 5.1.2 介绍

CleanApp is an application deinstaller and archiver.... Your hard drive gets fuller day by day, but do you know why? CleanApp 5 provides you with insights how to reclaim disk space. There are definitely tons of unused files on your hard drive -CleanApp will help you to find and delete them. CleanApp 5 has been re-developed from scratch and offers a comprehensive and convenient user interface.

Delete applications completely. Any app you install and run in OS X creates a large number of associated files in your system- hidden in places you wouldn't expect them to be. Therefore, free hard drive space will shrink continuously - even if you delete the software after testing and especially if you are trying out lots of applications. CleanApp 5 brings light into the darkness and helps you to tidy up your system.

CleanApp relies on sophisticated methods for analysing files and applications. There is even a background service monitoring all file activity - this way, no application can hide anything from you. Furthermore, CleanCommunity significantly enhances CleanApp's ability to find unnecessary data eating up space on your hard drive. By using our giant database with uninstallation information about virtually thousands of applications, tracing down leftover files becomes even more reliable.

System maintenance. OS X runs maintenance scripts at predefined intervals, removing for example temporary files that haven't been used in a long time. If you use your computer heavily, these intervals might be too long. CleanApp allows you to run maintenance scripts manually and to speed up your system this way. CleanApp is also able to scan and repair your file system or rebuild the Spotlight index.


Version 5.1.2:

Note: CleanApp 5 is free for customers of version 4. Customers of versions 1, 2, or 3 can upgrade for just $4.99.

  • Duplicate file search rewritten from scratch
  • Miscellaneous bugs fixed
  • Miscellaneous user interface improvements
  • Crash fixed which occurred while scanning for programs and its related files

CleanApp 5 for Mac 5.1.2 序号版 - 优秀的应用卸载和清理工具

CleanApp 5 for Mac 5.1.2 序号版 - 优秀的应用卸载和清理工具

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