Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3 是一款获得苹果设计奖和在App Store中受到编辑推荐的歌曲学习软件,能够通过在不影响其音调的同时放慢歌速帮助我们学习歌曲的语调,并且可以添加标记和设置循环,让你高效的学习熟练歌曲,非常的有创造性,是学习演唱的好伙伴!

[Capo 3 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币198元]

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 介绍

Capo lets you slow down your favorite songs so you can hear the notes and learn how they are played. With Capo, you can quickly tab out your songs atop a highly-detailed OpenCL-powered spectrogram display.


  • Detect, and enter chords
  • Pitch adjustment
  • Mark song sections
  • Loop at slower speeds
  • Export Capo-adjusted music
  • Basic effects available


Version 3.5:

Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

New Features
  • Song Views-Switch between Practice and Tabbing - Capo now shows you what’s most important depending on what you’re currently doing. While listening and practicing, the waveform is front and center with quick and easy region creation. When tabbing out a song, the spectrogram is there to help you pick out notes, and dive deeper into the performance. Use the popup button in the window's title bar to change Song Views, or use the command-1 or command-2 keyboard shortcuts.
  • Transcription Playhead - Locks the playhead in place, re-starting playback from the same point until you move the playhead elsewhere.
  • Touch Bar Support - Quickly navigate around the song using the waveform overview scrubber, and access common playback controls. You can even customize the Touch Bar to include the controls you use most often.
  • Markers are back - Lots of you really miss the markers from earlier releases, so we brought them back! Hit the ‘M’ key to drop a marker, or use the button in the toolbar.
  • Improved Loop / Region behavior - To loop a region, just click to select it, and hit play! No more confusing loop toggle to worry about. Regions can now also be modified while they’re looping, and when a region is selected, using the left/right arrow keys will move between the regions in the song.
  • Highly Improved Scrubbing - We put together a nifty new bit of code for this release that lets you scrub over your track and "hold" a note frozen in time as you drag the playhead. To engage scrubbing, click and drag the playhead around the timeline. This feature is especially helpful to identify individual notes and find where they start while you’re tabbing out a song using the spectrogram.
  • Show and Hide the Chords, Tablature - If you’d prefer to not see them, or you’re short on screen space, you can toggle the Chords and Tablature notation in either of the Practice or Tabbing views. This is great for those that want a "bare-bones" Capo experience, and those with the golden ears!
  • Full-Screen Support - Capo now supports full-screen mode. Finally!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused file exports to fail in some circumstances.
  • Capo no longer consumes excessive memory when loading and closing many documents over time.
  • The discrete, high-performance GPU is no longer enabled by Capo, and thus battery life should be greatly extended while using Capo with Macs that are equipped with discrete GPUs.

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

Capo 3 for Mac 3.5 破解版 - Mac优秀的歌曲演唱学习工具

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